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Well Pump Services

Many homes in the Newtown and Bucks County area use a pump to extract water from a nearby well as their only source of water. These pumps work hard for you all year long, and when there is a problem, you know about it. A broken well pump might stop the flow of water into your home, which can be a serious problem for any homeowner.

Through regular maintenance, you have the peace of mind in knowing that your system will stay healthy and that any minor issues are addressed before they bloom into a major problem. As systems age, the quality of your water, system reliability, and water pressure all become a major issue. Don’t let a major breakdown happen before you start to consider getting your well pump maintained, call the experts at McHale’s today.

How Well Systems Work

There is a lot more behind your well pump than you might know. Well pumps work to extract water from the ground and move it to a storage tank for the home’s use. When water levels drop below a certain point, the pump activates and begins pumping water from the source to refill the tank. When the tank is filled again, the pump disengages and rests until it is needed again.

Well Pumps and Well Tanks Maintenance and Repair

It cannot be stated enough that regular maintenance is the only way to ensure that your well pump and tank stay in perfect working order. Tank leaks, major drops in water pressure, and system breakdowns are all possibilities as your system begins to age. Your best bet is to have one of McHale’s well pump experts investigate your system regularly to ensure that any minor problems are discovered and repaired before they become a problem.

Well Pump and Well Tank Replacement

When you encounter a problem that cannot be fixed simply, a system replacement may be necessary. There is no room for error with this work, well pumps should last between 12 and 20 years and anything less than a perfect installation can compromise that expectation. Trust in the experience of McHale’s technicians to properly evaluate your situation, choose the best plan of attack, and replace your well pump or tank properly, the first time.

No matter what kind of well you have, the experts at McHale’s are here to help.

Call us today to set up a maintenance plan, have minor repairs completed, or begin investigating a new well pump system for your home today.

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