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Heating Maintenance Tips For Fall

Heating Maintenance Tips For Fall

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Heating maintenance will keep your house warm this season

Heating maintenance can single-handedly determine how comfortably you live in your home this fall. When you have a broken heating system, it’s not only leaving you in the cold; it’s also putting your well-being in danger. Home heating fires are much more common during the fall and winter, when reliability on heating systems peak. But greater usage leads to a greater risk of danger. When homeowners get too focused on doing whatever it takes to keep their home warm, they may lose sight of keeping their safety in check. This may leave electrical connections loosened, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors unable to work, and portable heaters overheating. These problems can snowball and create a huge amount of stress you certainly don’t want, especially when you are trying to enjoy the season to its fullest. If you suspect something is afoot with your heating system, you need to call for help before it’s far too late in the season to do anything about it.

Why Should You Call McHales for Service?

When in doubt over your heating, call McHales for heating maintenance. We will make sure not a single wire or furnace filter is out of place. With temperatures in the process of cooling down, you cannot take any chances with your heating, and our team of technicians understands this better than anyone else. We always go the extra mile for homeowners. If it means keeping your family safe and comfortable during the colder months, we will take on any heating-related problem you encounter. For any last-minute heating problems, we can provide emergency furnace repair that will solve any issue as soon as possible. After all, heating emergencies don’t have a schedule. They will pop up out of nowhere and leave you to deal with the consequences. Fortunately, our service keeps the chance of any future situations like this to a low, saving you a phone call and additional costs on bills.

8 Heating Maintenance Tips

If you want to experience a season without worry, you should take into consideration these 8 heating maintenance tips this fall so you can live happily and safely:

  1. Changing Air Filters: Your furnace filters may be blocked by dirt, dust, and debris. This will force the furnace to work harder in producing heat, and bring the potential of a home heating fire closer to reality. Changing filters once a month can prevent this possibility, and also keep energy costs down to a low.
  2. Keep a Safe Distance from Heating Systems: If you own any highly flammable personal belongings, and odds are you own a few, you need to keep them at least 3 feet away from the heating system. Any clutter like piles of laundry or stacks of newspaper can easily catch fire just due to a single spark from your heating system.
  3. Clean Ventilation System: A dirty ventilation system can bring indoor air quality down to an all-time low, especially when it builds up with dust and allergens. Any asthma or allergy sufferers in your home may feel the brunt of the effects. Ventilation should be cleaned regularly to maintain a warmer, healthier home. 
  4. Add a Metal or Glass Door to Fireplaces: A fireplace left uncovered can lead to a huge safety hazard, especially if any sparks fly out of it and land on the surrounding area. Consider installing a metal or glass screen to the fireplace, or else a fire can spread rather quickly.
  5. Turn off Portable Heaters: Portable heaters can provide warm air when you need it the most, but you need to remember to shut them after every use. This is especially important if you are leaving the house. If not, the system will overheat and greater the chances of a home heating fire.
  6. Consider a Chimney Inspection: 84% of home heating fires each year are confined fires, namely ones occurring in chimneys due to a buildup of creosote and soot. To prevent this from happening, the chimney in your home should be inspected and swept annually by a qualified professional.
  7. Check Gas Connections: A gas leak may not just be the cause for a fire, but also for an explosion. You should call for gas furnace service from a heating contractor right before the fall begins to guarantee there are no leaks in the line. If want to ensure any gas-run appliance is free of issue, you need to call for service at even the smallest indicator of a leak.
  8. Check Electrical Connections: Electrical connections should also be inspected for furnaces fueled by electricity. If you notice any loose or frayed wiring, you should not handle it on your own. A professional will have the tools and experience to do the job properly, so make the call their way instead. They will also know what safety precautions to take.

Don’t Let The Stress Of Your Home’s Heating System Bring You Down This Fall, Schedule A Heating Maintenance Service Today

Contact McHales today if you want to learn more tips and if you want to ensure your safety with high-quality heating maintenance!

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