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Tankless Water Heater Services

Here at McHale’s, we are firm believers in tankless water heating technology. They’ve made some serious headway in the United States recently, and they are only continuing to improve. The time has never been better to install one of these systems in your home, and here’s why.

Tankless Water Heater Benefits

Tankless water heaters:

  • Don’t have a tank, so you will not experience any cracking or leaking which also means no flooding.
  • Will last you a good 20 years, twice the number of years that a conventional water heater will give you.
  • Will provide you with cleaner, rust-free water.
  • Give endless supplies of hot water. This means that cold water will not enter the hot water stream and you will always get hot water when you request it.
  • Will generally come with a manufacturer’s warranty of at least 12 years.

Tankless Technology

Tankless water heaters are newer technology than conventional ones, so it should come as no surprise that they are more reliable, more efficient, and are an overall better system. But how is this technology more advanced than what you will see in a traditional water heater? We’ll tell you!

Let’s look at it like this: Conventional water heaters burn fuel 24 hours a day, seven days a week even when you aren’t home. This not only wastes energy, but it also wastes money – neither of which anyone in this day and age can afford to lose.

Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, are referred to as “on-demand” systems because they only heat water when it’s requested. When you turn on the hot water tap, the cold water flows over a heating element. That element heats the water to the temperature set on the thermostat, and then you receive it out of the faucet. When the tap is shut off, the burner shuts off – and doesn’t turn back on until water is requested again.

Why Choose Tankless

You may not think it possible, but there are additional benefits to having a tankless in your home, including:

  • Better efficiency: Tankless water heaters are up to 95% efficient, which means that 95% of their energy goes to heating your water. Conventional ones only hit about 75%.
  • Space savings: Only about the size of a travel suitcase, tankless water heaters can fit almost anywhere in your home freeing up space in your basement, a closet, or bathroom.
  • Good return on investment: These systems, though more costly to initially install, will more than pay for themselves over their 20-year lifespan in utility costs. It’s worth it!

To learn more about tankless water heating services in Bucks County, or to schedule a consultation, call McHale’s today!

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