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Water Treatment

Water Treatment Services in Bucks County

It is imperative that you have the healthiest water possible in your home; a water treatment system can provide an extremely strong shield against many potentially dangerous substances. Clean, pure water can boost your immune system and help you maintain your good health.

McHales provides solutions for all types of water problems. If your water tastes bad, smells odd, is staining your fixtures or leaves cloudy deposits on your glasses, dishes and shower doors, we offer water treatment services that can fix your problems.

Common Water Problems in Bucks County

  • Water smelling like rotten eggs – In most instances where water is malodorous, the culprit is hydrogen sulfide. This can be a sign that some sort of non-harmful bacteria is present. Although hydrogen sulfide is not believed to be dangerous, it can still have a corrosive – as well as an obviously unpleasant – effect on your water.
  • Your dishwasher is stained brown – Typically, a high level of manganese is to blame if you have brown or black stains in your dishwasher. Hot dish water oxidizes manganese and agitates it when water mixes with air, and as a result the stains appear. This substance can also stain clothes in a washing machine, with the stains made worse if bleach is added.
  • Your water leaves bluish/green stains – This is a sign that your water is acidic as well as corrosive. Acidic water leaches metals from piping, fixtures and pumps, and if not corrected, this problem can cause copper fixtures and pipes to leak.

 How McHales can Improve the Quality of Your Water

No matter whether your water comes from a well or your city’s water supply, McHales has a vast array of water treatment products available. For example, we provide self-sanitizing systems that remove manganese, iron and hardness, and also kill bacteria. Also, we feature drinking water systems that ensure the quality of your water by removing arsenic, cysts, lead, nitrates and many more unwanted contaminants.

Our expertise and advanced technology can solve your water problems, no matter how complex they may be. Contact us and we will come to your home, test your water, and work with you to determine the appropriate water treatment system for your needs. Schedule your $48 Water Quality Test TODAY!

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