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AC Repair in Bucks County

AC Repair in Bucks County

In order to ensure you and your family stay cool during the summer months, you need to have a working air conditioner. When you notice that your air conditioner is not working as it should, or you see a sudden rise in your energy bills, you know it’s time to call in your local Newtown and Bucks County experts at McHale’s. We are a full-service AC repair and maintenance company here to help with whatever cooling problems you’re having.

AC Repair Services in Buck’s County, PA

Heat Pump Repair: What’s great about a heat pump is that it can be used to both heat and cool your home. If ever something goes wrong with it, our team can address it right away.

AC Compressor Repair: The compressor plays a big role in cooling your home. Its the part of your air conditioner that turns the refrigerant into the high-pressure gas that provides the cool air. If it fails, it’s probably due to bad connections, faulty relays, or a bad capacitor.

Freon Recharge: Freon is the gas that cools the air in your home, and it only needs to be changed – or recharged – if you have a leak in the line. But, don’t worry, while we are there recharging the Freon, we will also repair the leak.

Air Handler Service: Dirty air filters, poor installation, and other factors can contribute to problems with your air handler. It’s important to repair it quickly because it’s the part of your AC that helps move the cool air throughout your home.

Blower Motor Replacement: There are a lot of factors that go into cool air actually circulating throughout your home, and the blower motor is one of them. They can fail because of bad relays or aging motors.

Common AC Repairs

Sometimes air conditioner problems are not obvious, so you will need one of our technicians to come out and diagnose the problem for you. Not just diagnose, though. We will also repair the following components and more:

  • Drain lines: Debris can easily clog up the line over time, and if it does, condensation can cause extensive water damage to your home.
  • Evaporator coil: The evaporator is the component that cools the air before it reaches your home. They can become dirty, damaged, or leak, resulting in your home not getting cool.
  • Relays: This is the part that tells the unit to turn on or off so when it wears down or sticks, you may be left with a constantly running AC.
  • Capacitors: Capacitors can burn out and not provide enough power to run the air conditioner efficiently.
  • Fuses: Because the fuse is what directs power to the air conditioner, if it burns out, gets damaged, or loosens, the AC won’t work.

If your air conditioner isn’t working at top speed, call in your local experts at McHale’s. We’ll be right over to fix it up!

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