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Why You Should Consider an HVAC System Replacement This Fall

Why You Should Consider an HVAC System Replacement This Fall

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The leaves are changing, the wind is getting brisk, and pumpkin spice lattes have emerged from their year-long slumber. Ladies and gentlemen, fall is officially back. And with the changing of the seasons comes the perfect opportunity to upgrade your HVAC system. You’re going to need it in a few weeks when the snow starts falling. And now for a limited time, when you purchase a Bryant HVAC system, you get a free Rheem water heater to keep your home’s water nice and warm. If that wasn’t enough, here are a couple reasons to consider replacing your HVAC system this fall.  

Mitigate Issues For the Foreseeable Future 

Your first car was probably a heavily used hand-me-down from a parent or a family member. It probably had issues, was unreliable over long distances, and required many, many trips  to the local mechanic. Once you got your first new car, you saw less and less of the mechanic. It’s the same principle with HVAC systems. Older systems require a lot more TLC to run smoothly. This means more frequent calls to your local service provider and a less seamless home heating experience. Much like buying a new car, a new HVAC system can be pricey, but it will save you a massive amount of headache (and money)  down the line. 

Improved Performance 

Let’s stay with the car metaphor. An older model just won’t be able to perform at the level of the latest and greatest models. It won’t have as many features, and overall it will just be an inferior product compared to what’s been made available recently. And while HVAC systems aren’t known for coming with a plethora of bonus features like cars are, newer systems can produce results that older systems can’t even begin to approach. Older systems are prone to missing spots in your home, leading to cold or warm patches in an otherwise comfortable environment. Newer systems eliminate this issue entirely. 

Resale Value

A newer HVAC system means a higher resale value. It’s that simple. The investment could save you money for future repairs, and even make you money in the long run, as we’ve discussed. But a prospective homeowner will feel much more reassured buying a house that contains newer systems and appliances. They can worry much less about overhead of repairs that may tag along with the house or projects that they’ll have to spend extra time on top of other projects they already have planned for the house they’re moving into. Resale is not something you necessarily need to be thinking about every day, but putting some thought into it will only better prepare you for later. 

Safety First

It’s the last item on our list, but always the first priority. Your safety is extremely important to us at McHales, and a new HVAC system can help in that department. As systems age, they develop cracks and imperfections that can lead to fires and other dangerous hazards in and around your home. These dangers can be mitigated with regular tune-ups and maintenance, of course, but ultimately, if a system is getting up there in years, it’s almost always safer to air on the side of caution and look into a replacement.

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