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Water Heater Upgrade in Morrisville, PA

Water Heater Upgrade in Morrisville, PA

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Water heater Upgrade in Morrisville, PA with McHales.

Home maintenance can bring surprises, as a Morrisville, PA homeowner learned during an annual plumbing check by McHales. Despite no apparent issues, technicians discovered corroded pipes behind the water heater. The pipes required immediate replacement to avert future plumbing problems. Adding to the concern, the water heater installed in 2017 was now six years old, necessitating prompt action to avoid future issues. That action being, a water heater upgrade in Morrisville, PA was mandatory that day. 

Job Site Conditions

The job site conditions played a significant role in determining the best course of action. The corroded pipes behind the water heater posed a risk of leaks or even worse, a complete pipe failure. The age of the water heater was another factor to consider, as older units are more prone to malfunctioning. In this scenario, the condition of both the pipes and the water heater made it clear that a water heater upgrade was the homeowner’s best bet to ensure a reliable and efficient plumbing system.

Job Details

The water heater upgrade involved a comprehensive replacement package to address the existing problems and provide a long-term solution. McHales proposed installing a new 40-gallon gas-fired Rheem Classic Professional Series tank to replace the aging unit. Alongside the water heater replacement, the package included the installation of new ball valves for both hot and cold water supply sides, as well as a thermal expansion tank, a vital component to meet code and manufacturer specifications.

As part of the upgrade, McHales took extra steps, repairing the severely corroded water lines behind the water heater. They cut the lines above the concrete floor and installed new copper piping, preserving the plumbing system’s integrity. Furthermore, they replaced the main house valve with new ball valves, making future maintenance and emergency handling more straightforward.

Warranty Benefits

To provide peace of mind, McHales offered a 6-year warranty on all supplied materials and labor, ensuring the homeowner’s investment was protected. With this comprehensive upgrade, the homeowner could rest assured that they had a reliable water heater to depend on. The homeowner, a member of the Service Partner Plan, enjoyed a two-year warranty on materials and labor provided by McHales.

Water Heater Upgrades in Morrisville, PA

The Morrisville, PA, water heater upgrade underscores the need for regular plumbing checks and proactive maintenance. Addressing issues early allows homeowners to prevent disruptions and keep their plumbing in excellent daily condition, avoiding costly repairs. If you’re in need of a water heater upgrade in Morrisville, PA, contact us today!

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By Brenna Thirkell

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