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Toilet Installation in Horsham, PA: What Type of Toilet Should You Install?

Toilet Installation in Horsham, PA: What Type of Toilet Should You Install?

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So your current toilet is starting to look like it has seen better days and you want to replace it. It’s cracking, leaking, and maybe overflowing too. You can’t possibly live in your home with a toilet that threatens to make your life a nightmare, so installing a new one is urgent. However, before you just throw any random throne in its place, you need to make sure your next toilet installation in Horsham, PA goes off without a problem by determining which type of toilet would be perfect for your home.

When you want a toilet installed in your home that is able to meet your plumbing needs, McHales should be your number-one choice for new fixture installation. We can provide you with a durable, long-lasting toilet that won’t bring you any inconvenience. In fact, our plumbers are more than willing to work with you in determining what toilet would be prefect for your home, as well as any other plumbing fixture you may need!

What Should You Consider Before Toilet Installation in Horsham, PA?

The next time you’re looking to install a toilet, please consider the following types so you’re not spending money on the wrong one:

  1. Two-Piece: Two-piece toilets are the most common style of toilet. The tanks and bowls on these toilets are separate. They boast long-term efficiency and are easy to repair. Also, if you need to replace a part of the toilet, it’s quite easy to find new parts for two-piece compared to other styles.
  2. One-Piece: A one-piece unit boasts many of the same upsides of two-piece toilets, except the tank and bowl are combined into one unit. They also save space. However, they commonly boast a higher upfront investment compared to two-piece units.
  3. Wall-Mounted: A wall-mounted toilet mounts to the wall, thus eliminating the need for a base. Though this toilet is perfect for transfers from a wheelchair or walker, it boasts a higher upfront installation cost and will require a thicker wall and toilet to be on the wall as opposed to on the floor.

Contact McHales today if you want to learn more on what you should know before toilet installation in Horsham, PA so you’re getting the best toilet for your bathroom!

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