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Tips to Prepare Your Electricity For Spring

Tips to Prepare Your Electricity For Spring

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Take a moment to think about how often you use electricity in your home. Every time you plug in an appliance, switch on a light or charge your phone. Because you use your electrical appliances so often, you should give it a little attention here and there to make sure everything is working as it should be. Here are a few tips to keep your electricity working properly and efficiently this spring.  

Spring Electrical Checklist

  • Check your outlets and switches. take a look at these from room to room in your home. Do you see any cracks, damages, or burnt spots? If so, they should be replaced. If any of them are noticeably loose, tighten them. Because they are connected to wires in your wall, repairs should be done by a professional. 
  • Check your cords. Are there any exposed cords or wires in your home? Check for any cracks or frays. These signs of wear and tear can cause shocks or electrical fires in your home. If you have extension cords, try to only use them as needed. 
  • Check your smoke and CO2 detectors. These are essential safety features that every home or business needs to have! For business, commercial, and residential properties, it’s a must. Battery operated models are available, but fire professionals recommend that you have hardwired ones installed. This way, when one alarm goes off, the rest will too. 
  • Check your ceiling fans. These electrical features are often overlooked. most people don’t know that there’s a problem until they stop working altogether. You can test their power and clean the blades. 
  • Check your AC. Your air conditioner should be ready to keep you cool all spring and summer long. Before it gets really hot outside, make sure that it’s working properly. If it needs repairs, now is the time to do it! 
  • Schedule your inspection. Last but not least, don’t forget to schedule your electrical inspection! Routine maintenance is key in preventing major issues down the line, as well as preparing your home for spring. 

What If You Need Repairs? 

If one of our McHale’s professional finds a problem with an electrical feature in your home, we’ll be able to fix it! Our licensed electricians will be able to help you from start to finish. Whether it’s a simple fix or an electrical emergency, call McHale’s. We’ve got you covered! 


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