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Is Tankless Water Heating Right for You? – Bucks County

Is Tankless Water Heating Right for You? – Bucks County

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Situations Where Tankless is a Good Fit for Your Home- McHale’s

Before you have any major equipment upgrade done for your water heating system, you should absolutely consult a plumber.  At McHale’s, we always want to be sure that you’ve got the water heating system that is going to save you the most money and make the most sense for your household!  Finding the technology that applies best to your lifestyle is a multi-step process.  However, even before your call McHale’s for a consultation, you can ask yourself these simple questions to get your investigation process started:

Are My Utilities Bills Too High?

Check how much you’re paying in comparison to a standard home of your size.  Is it too much?  Do you not think you use that much hot water?  Tankless water heaters dramatically improve your energy expenditure with an over-95% efficiency rate as opposed to the 65% generated by a well-maintained conventional type.

Does My Family Need Water to be Constantly Heated?

If you have a lot of people in your home who are constantly using the hot water, then having a 40 to 80 gallon storage tank heating your water 24 hours a day might actually be the right solution for you. But this requires two conditions: that your water use is constant and that it is heavy enough to require a conventional system.  A tank-type water heater keeps water in storage, so you’re paying for heat all day long, even when the tap isn’t on.  If you aren’t using that much water at a consistent, staggered pace through the day, the endless, on-demand solution of the tankless will save you boatloads of money by reducing your energy expenditure to better suit your needs.  In fact, even if you are using certain faucets all day long, you might be able to install point-of-use tankless water heaters or a hybrid model to maximize their efficiency and significantly lower cost.

Need More Space?

If your home could use the space in your utility room being taken up by the storage tank of your water heater for something else, consider tankless.  The tankless model is only the size of a carry-on suitcase, so that are many more options for where it can be installed.

Will I Be Able to Supply a Fuel Source?

Almost all houses are compatible with gas or electric tankless water heaters, but sometimes you need to do an inspection of your gas line or closest power source in order to get a full sense for how feasible the installation will be.  Here is where McHale’s can help.

Consult the top-notch McHale’s technicians about tankless water heating today!

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