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Tankless Water Heater Benefits in Bucks County

Tankless Water Heater Benefits in Bucks County

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Why Tankless Water Heating is Right For You & Your Family

Earlier in this blog, we talked about two of our favorite tankless water heater product vendors: Eternal and Bosch. You probably picked up from those blogs that McHale’s Plumbing strongly recommends that you switch to tankless water heating rather than replace your conventional, tank-type water heater the next time around, and you saw a number of the benefits each of those tankless brands has to offer. But why, in general, is tankless water heating so superior to conventional style?  Why is it worth the larger cost of installation if your current water heater is already decently functional?

At McHale’s, our highly trained, top-of-the-line service professionals know everything there is to know about water heating — we want our customers to be in-the-know as well.  The reasons that we suggest every homeowner consider tankless water heating are:

  • Endless Water Supply: As opposed to a conventional water heating unit that stores water and heats it 24/7, wasting energy on heat that you don’t need, a tankless water heater eliminates water storage in favor of a series of coils that can provide your home with perpetual hot water whenever you need it!
  • Superior Storage Options: Maximize space by upgrading to tankless; without the clunky water heater, you’ll be able to use your utility room for something else, as your carry-on sized tankless can be installed on practically any wall in your home.
  • Warranty Options: Both Bosch and Eternal provide longer, more substantial warranty options for their tankless heaters than traditional tank-type products.  This is because the unit is simply more durable, and the more advanced design makes for better efficiency.
  • Long-Term Investment: Even though the initial price of installation is greater, a tankless water heater’s 30% greater efficiency and on-demand system of heating will bring in an estimated $300 in energy savings each year.  With the longer lifespan of the tankless design, you know that your product will pay for itself and more.

Contact McHale’s today for a consultation. Our trusted technicians will find the water heating system that is perfect for your budget and your convenience, so call today!

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