Toilet Flange Replacement in Bensalem, PA

Toilet Flange Replacement in Bensalem, PA

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Toilet flange replacement in Bensalem, PA with McHales.

Bensalem, PA, is known for its serene suburban landscapes, but even in the calmest of neighborhoods, plumbing issues can arise unexpectedly. One day, a homeowner in Bensalem found themselves facing a toilet problem that required a toilet replacement. Luckily McHales is well versed in all emergency plumbing services. Upon arriving at the job site, the McHales team swiftly recognized the unexpected complexity of the situation. The customer’s request for a toilet replacement turned out to be a need for a complete toilet flange replacement. A secure and leak-free connection is ensured by the critical component, the toilet flange, which connects the toilet to the sewer line. This project was going to be a lot more invasive than our technicians originally thought. 

Comprehensive Plumbing Solutions

The job details were meticulous and thorough. McHales’ initial step involved removing the old toilet and replacing it with a new Gerber Avalanche round-front comfort height toilet. They also replaced the old water valve below the toilet and conducted a thorough system test, offering a one-year warranty.

However, as they began the work, it became apparent that the existing toilet flange was broken, requiring immediate attention. A change order became necessary, requiring McHales to jackhammer a 2’x2′ concrete section, excavate 10-12 inches to remove the old cast flange, and install a new 4-inch Schedule 40 PVC, connecting it to the existing cast iron pipe using a Fernco coupling. A new PVC flange was also installed, flush with the floor. Once the new pipe was in place, the hole was backfilled, and the floor was cemented back to rough grade level, ensuring a seamless finish.

Addressing the Original Problem

The replacement Gerber Avalanche Elite toilet, with its 1.28 gallons per flush efficiency and white color, offered both functionality and aesthetics. The installation included essential components such as a wax ring, chrome supply riser, and caulk. This comprehensive job resolved the immediate issue and guaranteed the long-term reliability of the toilet and sewer connection.

Toilet Flange Replacement in Bensalem, PA

In Bensalem, PA, McHales demonstrated their commitment to quality plumbing solutions as a simple toilet replacement evolved into a complete toilet flange replacement. The meticulous workmanship, attention to detail, and dedication to customer satisfaction make McHales the go-to choice for homeowners in need of plumbing services in the area. If you’re in need of toilet replacement or toilet flange replacement in Bensalem, PA, contact us today! 

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By Brenna Thirkell