5 Signs Your Home Needs Repiping

5 Signs Your Home Needs Repiping

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Even though your plumbing pipes aren’t exposed to the elements, they can still get worn down over time. As pipes get older and worn down, they become prone to rust, corrosion, and general disrepair. A failure in any part of your home’s plumbing can result in major water damage. Before disaster strikes, you’ll want to know when it’s time to replace your pipes. Let us show you some signs that you should call McHale’s to help you with a repiping in Pennsylvania.

Here are 5 things that should have you considering  repiping in your Pennsylvania home:

Pipe material lifetimes

Depending on the material of your pipes, some of them may wear out quicker than others. Galvanized metal pipes, for instance, last 20 to 50 years and are primarily from the 1930s to ’80s. They’re a definite candidate for replacement. More modern materials like copper and PVC can last a lot longer. However, keep in mind that the pipe joints and fixtures can also become worn down, as well. If the pipes are acting up despite being relatively new, you can ask us about doing preventative maintenance.

Outdated piping

This sign is similar to the one before it. Some types of piping you home can have might be considered outdated. Galvanized metal is a pretty good example. These heavy pipes tend to corrode and rust internally, causing discolored water. Also, polybutylene piping tends to break down frequently, costing you a lot in repeated repairs. Getting your piping replaced can fix these problems.

Lead piping

Speaking of outdated piping materials, lead is the one that should result in an immediate call for a plumber. These pipes are grey and softer than other pipes. You can see this for yourself if you scratch it with a screwdriver. Lead is infamous for being highly toxic and can cause a wide variety of serious health issues if consumed. If you find that your house has lead piping, call us as soon as possible so we can get safer pipes for your home.

Low water pressure

If your showers aren’t as strong as they are normally, there’s likely a problem in the pipes. The problem could simply be a clog, but it might also be caused by leaks and pinholes in the pipes. Leaky pipes can cause other problems, such as water damage and mold growth. If drain cleaner isn’t helping your pressure problem, you might need the help of one of our plumbers.

Colorful water

Is your water brown, yellow, or full of sediment? That could be a sign of rust and corrosion in your pipes that needs to be dealt with quickly. Aside from the usual problems, rust wears away at your pipes over time, making them prone to leaking or collapsing. It’s possible the bad water is only your hot water system. However, if all of your water is rusty, a piping replacement might be your best option.

How can McHale’s help me with my home’s pipes?

McHale’s has been working with the people of Bucks County for almost 70 years. We have the technology and experience to handle it all, and we come to your house fully stocked. When we work with you, we’ll carry away any debris from our work for free, so your home won’t look like a construction site. Call the plumbing experts at McHale’s today to evaluate the current conditions of your pipes and find out if repiping in Pennsylvania can help save you time and money!

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