Tankless Water Heater Installation in Levittown, PA

Tankless Water Heater Installation in Levittown, PA

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Follow McHales to a unique job site where we removed an oil boiler and performed a tankless water heater installation in Levittown, PA.

Homeowners often seek ways to enhance their home’s efficiency and functionality, and one of the key aspects of this is investing in a tankless water heater installation. Recently, we had the opportunity to assist a customer who wanted to invest in a tankless water heater installation in Levittown, PA. This project was unique, as they wanted to remove their oil boiler and replace it with a tankless water heater. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the description of the unique problem, evaluate the job site conditions, discuss the job details, emphasize the importance of oil-to-propane conversions, and explore the advantages of tankless water heaters compared to traditional tanked systems. For more information on our tankless water heater services and boiler services, contact us at McHales today!

Description of the Problem

Our customer faced a unique situation—a desire to remove an oil boiler and put a water heater in its place. The homeowner expressed that they were going to make the change from oil-fueled appliances to propane in the near future. Many homeowners opt for the oil-to-propane conversion, aiming to enhance energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. This transformation benefits homeowners with energy savings, space, and easier maintenance. To kickstart their transition from oil to propane, the homeowner wished to remove their oil burner. To kill two birds with one stone, they also wished to install a tankless water heater to improve their hot water supply. 

Tankless Water Heaters

One notable aspect of this project is the shift from a traditional tanked water heating system to a tankless one. Tankless water heaters offer several advantages, including on-demand hot water, energy efficiency, space-saving design, and longer lifespan. They can also be converted to various fuel sources, as seen in this project, making them a versatile choice for homeowners looking to modernize their water heating systems.

Job Site Conditions

The job site conditions presented some interesting aspects. The customer was in the process of having propane installed, which would eliminate the need for the oil-fueled boiler that was currently installed in the home. The existing boiler was situated in a utility closet at the front of the home. These conditions made it feasible to proceed with the removal of the oil boiler and the installation of a tankless water heater.

Job Details

The project involved several crucial steps to ensure a successful transition from an oil boiler to a tankless water heater:

  1. We shut off the house water and drained the system and boiler. After draining all zones, we disconnected and removed the boiler. We cut and capped the oil line, and we removed and abandoned the heat copper lines.
  2. We installed a Rheem Ikonic Condensing 199k BTU tankless water heater. Before installation, we converted the tankless unit to propane to match the new fuel source. The project included installing venting, routed outside via concentric fitting. We added service valves and new copper lines.
  3. Additionally, we installed a condensate pump and directed its discharge into the laundry standpipe.
  4. We ran a new Gastite gas line from the propane tank into the home via the attic, with a drop-down into the mechanical room. We installed shut-off valves both at the tap and at the tankless water heater.
  5. We conducted comprehensive testing to ensure the tankless water heater operated flawlessly and safely.

Oil to Propane Conversion and Tankless Water Heater Installation in Levittown, PA

Levittown, PA homeowners shift from oil to propane, aiming to boost energy efficiency in their appliances. Installing a tankless water heater over a tanked water heater shows the shift to simplifying their water heater systems. This project highlights tankless water heaters’ versatility, adaptability, and space-saving, efficient benefits. A successful installation ensures years of reliable, cost-effective hot water and prepares the home for propane use. For more information about our tankless water heater and boiler services, contact us today!

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By Brenna Thirkell