Electrical Replacement in Morrisville, PA

Electrical Replacement in Morrisville, PA

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Electrical Replacement in Morrisville, PA with McHales.

When it comes to electrical replacement in Morrisville, PA, homeowners want a reliable and professional service to address their electrical needs. Recently, McHales received a call from a concerned homeowner facing multiple electrical problems. The project included installing lights, fixing non-functional basement electricals, and ensuring the electrical panel was up to code before selling the property. Let’s dive deeper into the problem, the challenging job site conditions, and the job details, highlighting the importance of GFI and surge protection.

The Problem: Installing New Lights and Inspecting Electrical Panel

The homeowners approached McHales with a list of electrical issues. First, they needed new lights installed, a common request to enhance the overall lighting in their home. Additionally, they were facing problems with the electrical system in their basement, which had stopped working. To add to their concerns, they wanted to ensure that their electrical panel met all safety and code requirements before selling their property. These issues called for a comprehensive electrical inspection and repair.

A Multifaceted Project

The homeowners had lived in the house since 1965, raising concerns about the age and condition of their electrical panel. The absence of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) protection in the kitchen counter outlets posed a significant safety risk. Moreover, there was a broken light fixture that needed replacement with a puck light. The first-floor bathroom switch had also stopped working, causing inconvenience. Lastly, the basement contained flying splices, a safety hazard that needed immediate attention.

Electrical Solutions in Morrisville, PA

The job involved several crucial tasks to address the homeowners’ electrical issues comprehensively. Our McHales team began searching for the electrical problem, focusing on grouping outlets, fixtures, and devices that were not functioning. The non-working basement lights were a priority, and McHales aimed to identify the source of power loss. Additionally, we cleaned up the flying splices in the basement by properly landing them in a junction box with a cover, ensuring safety.

GFCI protection was a key component of the project. McHales aimed to install GFI protection on the kitchen countertop outlets, which were currently unprotected. They also intended to install GFCI outlets on the washing machine in the basement, enhancing electrical safety in the home. The other outlets that had 15 amp GFCI were upgraded with white or light almond. 

Furthermore, the project included inspecting and replacing light fixtures, such as the one in the kitchen. If further electrical work was needed to power up the basement, fix bathroom fixtures, or change the kitchen fixture, McHales was ready to provide suitable options. A new doorbell button and post lamp head were also on the agenda, ensuring the functionality and aesthetics of the home.

The Importance of GFCI and Surge Protection

Throughout this project, McHales emphasized the installation of GFCI protection on various outlets, particularly in the kitchen. GFI protection is crucial as it helps prevent electrical shocks and fires, making homes safer for occupants. Additionally, surge protection was included as a precaution against voltage spikes, safeguarding sensitive electronics and appliances from damage.

Electrical Replacement in Morrisville, PA

Electrical replacement in Morrisville, PA, is a multifaceted task that requires careful inspection, thorough repairs, and the installation of essential safety features like GFI protection and surge protection. Our team ensured that the homeowners’ electrical issues were addressed comprehensively, leaving them with a safer and more functional electrical system as they prepared to sell their property. If you need any electrical replacement in Morrisville, PA contact us today!

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By Brenna Thirkell