Slab Leak Repair in Bensalem, PA

Slab Leak Repair in Bensalem, PA

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Slab leak repair in Bensalem, PA with McHales.

In the heart of Bensalem, PA, homeowners sometimes face plumbing challenges that require expert attention. One such issue is a slab leak—a problem lurking beneath the surface, often elusive but demanding immediate repair. In this case, the homeowner contacted McHales due to a persistent slab leak occurring in the kitchen sink area, and they needed a reliable solution. For more information about slab leak repair in Bensalem, PA, contact us today! McHales can deliver reliable and effective solutions right to your door. 

Job Site Conditions: Uncovering the Source

Upon arriving at the customer’s home, our first task was to diagnose the issue with the slab leak. The homeowners had previously hired a plumber four years ago to address a kitchen sink line problem. The earlier repair had focused on a spot repair for the 2″ cast iron pipe under the slab. This spot repair extended about 30″ into the floor, including a vertical connection into the vanity.

The current issue was causing dampness and moisture in the kitchen floor when the kitchen sink was heavily used. The complexity of the problem was further compounded by the fact that the washing machine line was tied into the kitchen sink line further down near the pantry, involving a laundry line that ran approximately 10′ from the laundry tub to the kitchen sink line. To add to the challenge, the house had vinyl plank flooring throughout.

The kitchen sink line itself spanned from the kitchen sink, across the kitchen to the pantry, under the pantry, and through the vanity in the powder room bathroom, ultimately reaching under the toilet. The main line was located beneath the toilet, making it a roughly 15′ run in total.

Job Details: Precision and Expertise

To address the slab leak, we developed a detailed plan of action. First, we aimed to complete a spot repair on the kitchen sink line from the kitchen sink to the pantry only. Extensive home protection measures were implemented to safeguard working areas, including the installation of zip walls, floor protection, and air scrubbers. Special care was taken to protect cabinets and floors with Shubee floor protection.

Next, flooring in the kitchen area was removed, and if necessary, flooring in the laundry room would be jackhammered as well. Once the floor was opened, old concrete was removed, excess dirt was cleared, and the existing line was exposed. The old line was removed, replaced with new 2″ PVC piping, and connected to the vanity and laundry line.

After pipe installation and inspection, testing was performed to ensure there were no issues. Concrete was then laid to a rough floor level, leaving rough slab flooring once completed. It’s important to note that McHales was not responsible for any flooring putback or replacing anything removed for job completion.

To further ensure the integrity of the plumbing system, a K60 drain machine with 5/8 cable was used to inspect and clear the rest of the line. If necessary, a camera was employed to identify additional issues that might require further attention.

Slab Leak Repair in Bensalem, PA

In the end, the homeowner was also given a 50% discount promotion from the SPP (Service Partner Plan) membership, providing peace of mind and cost savings. Slab leak repair in Bensalem, PA, can be complex, but with the expertise and thorough approach of McHales, homeowners can trust that their plumbing problems will be resolved efficiently and effectively. For more information about slab leak repair in Bensalem, PA, contact us today!

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By Brenna Thirkell

Plumbing Repair in Bensalem, PA

Plumbing Repair in Bensalem, PA

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Our team at McHales recently went out for plumbing repair in Bensalem, PA. Check out what we discovered and how we resolved it.

In the quiet suburb of Bensalem, PA, homeowners often encounter unexpected plumbing issues that disrupt their daily routines. Recently, one of our valued customers reached out to McHales with a concerning problem. They had just installed a brand-new dishwasher and noticed a troubling leak under the kitchen sink. Additionally, their kitchen sink and garbage disposal lines were backing up, creating an unwelcome mess in their home. At McHales we offer plumbing repair in Bensalem, PA, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more! 

Description of the Problem: A Multifaceted Plumbing Challenge

The first order of business for our team was to understand the scope of the problem. The customer explained that a newly installed dishwasher had uncovered a pipe leak under the sink. To make matters worse, both the kitchen sink and garbage disposal lines were experiencing backups. The water supply had not been shut off, and the customer emphasized that they owned the home, which was built in 1970. This information provided important context for our plumbing repair in Bensalem, PA.

Job Site Conditions: Investigating the Culprit

When our plumbing professionals arrived at the customer’s home, they immediately noticed the complexity of the situation. The dishwasher had been removed to access the source of the leak. Upon inspection, it was clear that there were no existing leaks under the sink. However, there were signs of previous damage to the cabinetry, possibly from earlier leaks, including those from a previous garbage disposal.

Further investigation revealed that the blockage in the kitchen drain line was contributing to the issue. But that wasn’t the end of the story. Behind the walls, our experts discovered a pinhole in the pipes. This pinhole had formed due to a builder’s mistake during the construction’s rough-in stage, where two pipes had come into contact, leading to erosion through a phenomenon called electrolysis.

Job Details: A Comprehensive Solution

With a clear understanding of the problem, our team devised a comprehensive plan to address the issues at hand. First, the main valve, which had developed significant corrosion on the packing gland, was recommended for replacement. This valve would serve as the last line of defense to shut off the house’s water supply if needed.

To address the pinhole and deteriorated pipes behind the walls, we proposed replacing both hot and cold lines with PEX tubing, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting solution. This involved rebuilding the plumbing under the kitchen sink, including the installation of fixture valves and service valves. Our work also encompassed replacing the main valve before the water meter, a task that required coordination with the water municipal for a safe and efficient shutdown.

Plumbing Repair in Bensalem, PA

Plumbing repair can be complex, but McHales is dedicated to providing effective solutions. Our team’s expertise and commitment to thorough inspections ensure that we identify and address all underlying problems, offering homeowners peace of mind. With our supplied materials, customers can enjoy a one-year warranty on our work, further reinforcing our commitment to excellence. When plumbing problems arise, McHales can deliver reliable and comprehensive solutions to restore your home’s plumbing to its optimal condition. To learn more about plumbing repair in Bensalem, PA contact us today! 

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By Brenna Thirkell