Sewer Backed Up in Levittown, PA

Sewer Backed Up in Levittown, PA

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Our team recently tackled a sewer backed up in Levittown, PA. Read more here, to discover how McHales resolved this issue.

Levittown, PA, is known for its picturesque suburban neighborhoods and tranquil surroundings. However, like any other place, it’s not immune to the occasional household mishaps. Imagine waking up one morning to find your toilet backing up into your bathroom sink, and even your kitchen sink showing signs of distress. This was the predicament faced by a homeowner in Levittown, PA, who reached out to McHales for help. If your sewer is backed up in Levittown, PA, contact us today! 

The Problem: Toilet Backing Up Into Sinks

The homeowner had previously encountered a similar issue, with the toilet backing up into the bathtub drain. This time, the problem had shifted to the bathroom sink. To make matters worse, the only toilet in the house was showing signs of instability, rocking back and forth. The customer suspected that the drain might be broken, possibly leaking into the ground and affecting the floor vents for the AC system. Additionally, the homeowner was in the midst of a bathroom renovation, compounding the urgency of the situation. With no basement and a home built on a slab, addressing this sewer backup was no small task.

Job Site Conditions: Inspecting the Problem

Upon arriving at the job site, McHales discovered that this wasn’t their first visit to the same home for sewer backup issues. The previous problem had been resolved, but this time, it had resurfaced in a different location. The customer’s concerns about the toilet’s flange being broken seemed valid, considering the rocking toilet. The job was made even more complex by the ongoing bathroom renovation, with the homeowner planning to install a new toilet and various fixtures.

Job Details: Execution

The inspection uncovered channel rot in the sewer main, worsening near the street. The sewer system, a mix of 4-inch cast iron and 6-inch clay pipes, showed numerous root infiltrations. McHales suggested replacing the sewer line from the house trap to the 6-inch clay pipe, covering up to 40 feet of cast iron sewer. This work was to be carried out in compliance with local codes, with all piping braced and properly installed.

Additionally, as part of the project, McHales planned to revamp the bathroom plumbing. McHales jackhammered the bathroom floor, removed old concrete, and installed new PVC drain lines according to plumbing codes. The homeowner was responsible for flooring restoration and fence repairs.

Sewer Backed Up in Levittown, PA

Dealing with a sewer backup in Levittown, PA, required a comprehensive approach that addressed both immediate concerns and long-term issues. McHales’ expertise in plumbing and sewer replacement ensured that they would resolve the homeowner’s plumbing problems, providing the homeowner with peace of mind and the opportunity to enjoy their newly renovated bathroom without further interruptions. If your sewer is backed up in Levittown, PA, contact us at Mchales today for expert emergency plumbing services!

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By Brenna Thirkell