Sewer Replacement in Levittown, PA

Sewer Replacement in Levittown, PA

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We recently performed a sewer replacement in Levittown, PA for a valued McHales customer. Contact us today to learn more!

Levittown, PA, a charming suburban city with homes dating back to the 1950s, is no stranger to plumbing issues. One of our recent clients in this area reached out to McHales, a trusted name in plumbing services, with a laundry list of problems. The customer was experiencing a myriad of plumbing woes, including the dreaded toilet gurgling whenever the shower was in use and a mysterious waterlogged basement. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the description of the problem, the challenging job site conditions, and the intricate job details involved in a sewer replacement in Levittown, PA. If you’re in need of sewer drain inspections and sewer drain cleanings contact us today! 

Description of Problem

Imagine taking a relaxing shower, only to hear the unsettling gurgling of the toilet in the background. This was the daily struggle for our client in Levittown, PA. Additionally, their basement had turned into a waterlogged mess, causing considerable distress. McHales was called to the rescue to address these plumbing nightmares. It was evident that something had gone terribly wrong with their sewer system, and a thorough investigation was in order to diagnose and remedy the issue.

Job Site Conditions

The plumbing issues at our client’s home in Levittown presented a unique challenge. The toilet gurgling when the shower was in use was a clear indicator of sewer line problems. What made matters more complicated was the fact that the customer-owned a house built in the 1950s. Older homes often have aging infrastructure that can be prone to issues like this. To make matters a bit brighter for the customer, they were a member of the standard Service Partner Plan, which entitled them to a 50% off promotion on the necessary services.

Job Details

The job site conditions and the extent of the problem required a meticulous approach to resolve. The sewer lateral consisted of 3-inch cast iron piping transitioning to 4-inch cast iron, with roots infiltrating the cast iron drain line. The first hurdle was gaining access in the backyard to reach the sewer system. Unfortunately, it was impossible to get a camera through the house trap to assess the condition of the line leading to the main sewer.

We replaced up to 10 feet of the existing 3-inch to 4-inch cast iron sewer and a 4-inch cast iron house trap. We followed plumbing codes, bracing piping with cinder blocks or bricks, except on virgin ground. Proper backfilling and inspection were crucial aspects of the job. Crucially, we installed a 5-foot liner in the cracked 3-inch cast iron drain within the foundation. This enabled sewer functionality during the wait for the final lining work. This was an intricate process, but it was necessary to restore the plumbing system’s integrity.

Sewer Replacement in Levittown, PA

The sewer replacement in Levittown, PA, was a testament to McHales’ expertise in tackling complex plumbing issues. Our experienced team’s commitment to quality ensured a reliable sewer system for our client. Skilled professionals effectively resolve plumbing issues, creating a stress-free living environment in older homes. Contact us today for sewer replacement in Levittown, PA.

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By Brenna Thirkell