Benefits of Replacing Your Heating System

Benefits of Replacing Your Heating System

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replacing your heating system

So, you’re tired of repairing your furnace that’s been in the house ever since you signed the papers. It’s old, it’s louder than a marching band, and you feel you’re putting more money into it than the benefits you’re getting out. Well replacing your furnace might be easier, and more cost effective than you think. There are countless benefits that come with replacing your heating system. While having a quieter system would be reason enough, you’ll also save yourself the hassle and costs of constant repairs. The price of installing a new furnace is typically between $1,000 to $4,000. If you’ve had the same heating system in your home for 15-20 years, dishing out $700-$800 to fix it seems ridiculous when a new system will serve you for the same lifetime, if not longer. 

Comfortable Living

Sometimes it’s better to update than to invest in something you’ll need to replace in the long run. After considering whether the cost of replacing will outweigh the cost of repair, there are many more reasons that a new heating system will work for you. With a new and improved heating system, you will improve the airflow throughout the home, and the temperature of the home would be more consistent. A newer system will operate with more functionality as technology has grown exponentially. This means when you want your living room at 62 degrees on those hot summer days in August, it’ll stay 62 degrees.

Resale Value

This is not only a benefit for your own personal comfort, but having an updated system will increase the resale value of your home if you plan to sell. This investment could save you money for future repairs, and even make you money in the long run. A prospective homeowner will feel much more reassured buying a house that contains newer systems and appliances. They can worry much less about overhead of repairs that may tag along with the house or projects that they’ll have to spend extra time on top of other projects they already has planned for the house their moving into. Resale is not something you necessarily need to be thinking about every day, but putting some thought into it will only better prepare you for later. 

Energy Expenditure

With technology advancing and drastic changes in the weather, energy plays a large role in this endeavor as well. It’s estimated that over half of the energy used in your home is going toward heating and cooling. When it comes to comparing older systems to new and improved ones, there’s a relatively large gap in the level of efficiency. An older system might operate around 65% AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency), while a new system operates over 90%. You could save as much as 33% on your heating and cooling bills with an updated system. Not only are you doing a service to your wallet, but you’re helping the environment as well. 

A Clean Slate

Replacing your old system of course would also update the guaranteed life of your new heating system. That old furnace in the basement that served the home for 15 years is ready for a brand-new system to last just as long, if not longer. With a more efficient system in place, the unit doesn’t have to work so hard to maintain the temperature of the home. This leads to fewer repairs and a longer operational life. Depending on the company, you could also have a warranty on your new system from 2-10 years. The higher end your system is, the longer the warranty will be. 

Safety First

Although this is the last subject on our list, safety is always first in our mind. With a new replacement furnace comes a renewed peace of mind. As an old furnace gets older, components crack and corrode, leaks begin to pool, and ducts begin to clog. The longer these issues go unnoticed and unresolved, the more risk gets accumulated of a carbon monoxide emergency or a gas leak that is ignited by a rogue spark. Faulty electrical components may start that ignition, or ignite any other surrounding material in your home at a moment’s notice. By investing in a replacement furnace, you are guaranteeing new and fresh equipment that greatly reduces the risk of any safety concerns. A repair call will only be able to fix one problem at a time, and those costs can accumulate into much more than the cost of a replacement installation.

With the cold seasons looming, you want to ensure that your home is as prepared as it could possibly be. Worst case scenario, you wake up on a particularly frigid morning, try to increase the heat in your home, and figure out that your furnace is caput. Instead of waiting for that moment to happen and then reacting to it, get a head start by assessing the status of your furnace today. If you have a trusted HVAC or Electrical contractor, many of them will do a cheap assessment for you! It may be time to replace your fussy furnace, and see how much time and money you could save by taking the next step

If you’re thinking about replacing your heating system, then call and schedule service with McHale’s today!

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6 Reasons to Call for Boiler Maintenance in Pennsylvania

6 Reasons to Call for Boiler Maintenance in Pennsylvania

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boiler maintenance in Pennsylvania by McHale's

We only have one month until winter begins, and we’ve covered most of the important work you need to do. Last month we helped you shut down your AC and its condenser, and then we advised you on getting a furnace tune-up. However, some homeowners use a boiler to heat their homes. If that’s the case, we suggest calling us to schedule boiler maintenance for your Pennsylvania home. It’s even more important to keep your boiler healthy than with furnaces because boilers can explode if they fail. There are plenty of other reasons to have us keep your boiler in good shape.

Here are six reasons you should call McHale’s to help you with boiler maintenance for your Pennsylvania home:


Extend your boiler’s life

Boilers can be an expensive investment, so it’s a good idea to keep yours healthy. Regular maintenance work can extend your boiler’s lifespan and help you get the most out of your purchase. Keep your boiler well-maintained, and it can run for up to ten to fifteen years.


Follow local boiler laws

Boilers are one of the more dangerous things you can buy for your home. That’s why there are often local laws that require boiler-owners to get regular maintenance and inspections, usually once or twice a year. Failing to follow these laws will result in fines, not to mention your boiler will be in bad condition. Laws like these are meant to encourage safety, so be sure to get your regular maintenance scheduled from experts like the ones at McHale’s.


Keep your warranty valid

Boiler manufacturers often have a stipulation in their product’s warranties requiring their owners to give them regular service. If you don’t follow the stipulations, the warranty will become void, denying you any payment in the event of a breakdown.


Lower energy costs

Boilers are one of the more power-hungry heating systems you can buy. On an annual basis, only HVAC systems use more energy. However, regular boiler maintenance can cause it to use less energy and save you around 10% on your energy bills. 


Boost its energy efficiency and reliability

Boilers are complex machines, and some of their parts can wear down quickly. When you call us for boiler maintenance, we can change out any parts that are getting ineffective. This will save you money in the long run by letting your boiler do more with less energy. Also, a healthy boiler is less likely to break down, saving you from paying for repairs.


Protect yourself and your family

A running boiler is great for heating your home, but it makes carbon monoxide as a side effect. That’s why boilers have an exhaust pipe to safely vent the deadly and odorless gas outside. However, damaged boilers may get leaky exhaust pipes that will let carbon monoxide into your home. Also, in extreme cases, faulty, run-down boilers can explode. This makes giving them proper care a high priority.


What makes McHale’s the area’s boiler company of choice?

McHales, Inc. is a client-focused home service company that strives to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. John Sr. and Anna May McHale started the family business in 1950. Since that time we’ve provided our customers with prompt, dependable service at a reasonable cost. We use quality materials installed by skilled, courteous craftsmen. Now we are into our third generation in the business and we are still following John Sr.’s very simple philosophy ” We do what we say we’re going to do!”. That philosophy is still the backbone of the company today. Call McHale’s today to learn more about getting boiler maintenance for your Pennsylvania home!

By McHales