Home Plumbing Repair in Bensalem, PA

Home Plumbing Repair in Bensalem, PA

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Home plumbing repair in Bensalem, PA with McHales.

Bensalem, Pennsylvania, is a community where homeowners take pride in their homes, but even in the most well-maintained houses, plumbing issues can emerge unexpectedly. One Bensalem homeowner recently encountered multiple plumbing problems that were affecting their daily life. As the holiday season approaches, the need for a smoothly-running kitchen and bathroom becomes increasingly vital. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the description of the problems, the site conditions, the job details, and emphasize the importance of kitchen and bathroom plumbing repair and maintenance, especially with the holidays on the horizon. Contact us today to learn more about home plumbing repair in Bensalem, PA.

Description of the Problem

The homeowner contacted McHales, a trusted plumbing service provider, with a list of plumbing woes. Firstly, their kitchen sink faucet had become a source of frustration as it failed to shut off properly unless one found a “sweet spot,” and the cartridge was showing signs of failure. Additionally, the master bathroom toilet on the second floor refused to shut off, necessitating the use of the shut-off valve after every use. The fill valve in this toilet had also failed. Another toilet in the house required continuous pressure on the flush lever to operate.

Job Site Conditions

The homeowner, a proud homeowner of a 50-year-old house, had relatively new toilets and sinks installed. Despite the recent upgrades, plumbing problems had been plaguing them for several months, with one toilet acting up for just a month. The kitchen sink faucet had only started acting up about three weeks ago. The persistence of these issues despite the recent upgrades underscored the need for professional intervention to restore the plumbing system’s optimal functionality.

Job Details

McHales proposed a comprehensive solution to address these plumbing issues efficiently. We replaced the problematic kitchen sink faucet with a Moen Arbor Gooseneck Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet in brushed nickel. Additionally, we included a matching soap dispenser, adding value to the homeowner, at no extra cost.

To resolve the issues with the master bathroom toilet, our team installed a new fill valve and a new supply line from the shut-off valve to the fill valve, ensuring that the toilet shut off reliably without the need for continuous manual intervention.

To add an extra layer of protection and peace of mind, the homeowners have wisely signed up for the Service Partner Plan (SPP) membership. With this membership, they gain access to a two-year warranty on McHales supplied materials and labor. This warranty underscores the commitment to delivering quality service and customer satisfaction.

Importance of Kitchen Plumbing Repair and Maintenance

As the holiday season approaches, the kitchen takes center stage for family gatherings and festive feasts. The importance of a smoothly running kitchen cannot be overstated, and timely kitchen plumbing repair and maintenance play a pivotal role in achieving this. Plumbing issues, if left unattended, can disrupt meal preparation and overall household functionality during the holidays, leading to unnecessary stress and inconvenience.

Home Plumbing Repair in Bensalem, PA

In conclusion, prompt kitchen plumbing repairs ensure your home functions flawlessly, vital during the holidays. The recent Bensalem, PA plumbing repairs emphasize the importance of professional help for a reliable and safe system. Invest in the reliability and efficiency of your kitchen plumbing with McHales. Contact us today for home plumbing repair in Bensalem, PA.

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By Brenna Thirkell