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Sump Pump Installation- Pennsylvania

Sump Pump Installation- Pennsylvania

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McHale’s- The Problem With Battery-Operated Sump Pumps


With hurricane season already upon us, homeowners on the East Coast need to ask themselves: are we prepared?  Back in July, we had our first named storm of the season, Hurricane July, which caused major problems for Cape Cod when the torrential downpour caused Flash Flood emergencies.  The “serious and life threatening” rain totals shut down highways and even the Martha’s Vineyard ferry service, resulting in hundreds of travelers needing to be put up in shelters.  Now Hurricane Bertha is coming towards New Jersey,  and reports have stated that its presence will be felt along the coast. In the case of black-outs and flooding, is your equipment all set to minimize the damage and keep you operational?  Don’t wait for a major hurricane to hit to find out!

At McHale’s, we want you to be safe in every storm.  The best way to start doing that is to be informed.  Even if you own a sump pump, you might not be ready for a combination of power loss and basement flooding.  That’s because there are multiple types of sump pump, and they aren’t all created equal.  Our expert technicians highly recommend a Pressure-Assisted back up pump, as opposed to one that is Battery-Operated.  In our decades of experience, we’ve noticed that pumps that are powered by batteries are far less reliable, and in a black-out lasting several days could pose serious problems.

What’s the Difference?

Battery-Operated and Electric Sump Pumps require regular maintenance.  If the fluid isn’t checked each six-months, your sump pump might run out of juice the next time it needs to operate.  Because sump-pumps work hardest during major floods, it’s likely that your battery will die just when you need it most!  In the case of a black out lasting for two or more days, Battery-Operated pumps won’t last the full run.  Your sump pump is your last line of defense against flooding and water damage, so relying on a battery is an unwise and unnecessary risk.

Pressure Assisted Sump Pumps (also known as Water-Powered Sump Pumps), on the other hand, are attached to the municipal water line.  That means that, so long as your neighborhood’s water pressure is running, your sump pump will be ready to go.  They’re a far more consistent equipment, and our expert professionals are always available to do the installation.

Just don’t wait until the last minute to upgrade, or you may be too late!

Be prepared for this year’s hurricane season by calling McHale’s for consultation and service, and you’ll have peace of mind that will weather many more storms to come.

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