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Steam Boiler Repair in Levittown

Steam Boiler Repair in Levittown

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Steam boilers take water, as well as heat, and combine them together to create a pressurized steam that is used for indoor heating. Steam boilers provide energy efficiency for all sorts of needs, but can also pose safety risks. That’s precisely why if you have any recognizable problems going on with your steam boiler, then you should have your unit looked at by a professional immediately.

There are quite a few different things that could possibly go wrong with your steam boiler. Some things may be minor problems that can be taken care of relatively easy, and then there are others that may require a bit more extensive repair work. Before you call a professional to help you out with your boiler issues at hand, it is important that you are able to diagnose what’s wrong with your boiler. That way, you will know precisely what to expect when a professional comes in to fix the problem with your boiler.

Common Steam Boiler Repair Problems

  • Inefficient heating: If your boiler is taking more time to warm your household than it has ever before, then you could have a few different problems. You may have built up mineral deposits or low levels of water in your system. Noticing the temperature gradually decreasing means that mineral deposits from hard water may have formed at the bottom of your boiler. If that’s the case, then your boiler will need to be flushed. If poor performance suddenly begins happening, it is important that you check the pressure and temperature gauge on your boiler. If it reads lower than 12psi, open up the water feed valve to let the tank fill until the gauge reads at least 12.
  • Check the water level: Due to the fact that steam boilers have small glass windows around them, it’s not hard to check your unit’s water level. With each heating cycle, the boiler will lose some of its water. However, if your boiler’s water level gets too low or runs out of water completely, then no steam can be produced to heat your home.
  • Leaking: The severity of this issue depends a lot on where the leak is coming from. If the leak is coming from a pipe, follow it to the joint where the leak originates and tighten it up. The joint on the boiler may need to be replaced if that doesn’t stop the problem at hand. A leak may also occur if the system expansion tank is overflowing with water and needs to be drained.
  • Flush the water cut-off valve: As crazy as this may sound, the water cut-off valve is in place on your boiler to save your unit from exploding. The valve senses when water levels are becoming dangerously low and turns off the burner beneath the boiler. For them to remain in proper working condition, your boiler should be flushed on a weekly basis.
  • Keep an eye out for water blockage: If you hear a loud banging sound coming from the radiator when you turn it on, this is because water can no longer be drained from the radiator and back into the boiler when it condenses. In contrast, water builds up in the pipes and blocks the hot steam from reaching the base of the radiator. Because this normally happens when a house settles and shifts piping, you may need major plumbing work performed.

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