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Signs of a Main Line Clog in Levittown, PA

Signs of a Main Line Clog in Levittown, PA

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You’ve had it with the standing water in the bathtub, the toilet backing up and the slow drains that occupy your time and energy. We are sure you have better things to occupy your time so leave it up to our experts at McHales Plumbing, Heating & Remodeling to find the problem.

If we are unable to find the issue causing your pains near the drains themselves, the answer might lie in your main sewer line. This important feed from your house can become clogged or damaged preventing the proper disposal of harmful wastewater.

You Might Have a Main Line Clog if…

  • Find blockages in the drain clean out
  • Multiple plumbing fixtures in the home aren’t draining
  • Gurgling sounds from drains and toilet
  • Bubbles in the toilet when running sink or shower
  • Sewer water backs up through basement drains
  • Water comes back up drains when toilet is flushed

No, your plumbing system isn’t possessed. There just might be something preventing the correct flow in the main sewer line. So, how can we at McHales Plumbing, Heating & Remodeling help?

The McHales Remedy

  • Insert camera down sewer line to view exact nature and location of clog.
  • Blast clog with high water pressure, known as water jetting.
  • If pipe is damaged, re-line pipe with flexible yet durable pipe called PEX.
  • Last resort would be replacing the affected section of pipe.

Even if the clog is of a minor annoyance, call McHales Plumbing, Heating & Remodeling at once to have a trained, certified plumbing professional thoroughly inspect the drainage system.

We are always available, by appointment or on call 24 hours a day all year long. When you encounter a tough sewer clog and don’t know what to do, relax, we’ve got this. Having served the area for well over 60 years, there isn’t a clog we can’t handle. Contact us today!

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