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Showroom Event: Chef Barry Sexton Cooking Night

Showroom Event: Chef Barry Sexton Cooking Night

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Showroom Event

We were extremely excited to have the honor of hosting a cooking night in our very own Remodeling Showroom with Chef Barry Sexton! Chef Sexton is the owner of The Opinionated Pallet, a gourmet catering service with a celebrated reputation. He cooked all 5 courses in one of our fully functional designer kitchens, and the preparations were truly a sight to behold. The theme of the night was the arrival of Spring, and the turn-out was fantastic — and a wonderful meal was enjoyed by all.

You can see more about the event and hear from Barry Sexton himself in the video above!

Are you interested in remodeling your kitchen or bathroom? Call to schedule your own visit to our showroom, and you can see our beautiful selection for yourself. Ask about our upcoming events!

In many homes, the kitchen is the first and last stop of the day; the first thing you see when you walk into the house, and where everyone gathers for meals, for homework, and for family game night. It’s no wonder, then, that kitchen remodeling has become one of the most popular remodeling projects around. When you partner with McHale’s for your remodeling, you’re getting

  • Over 60 Years of Experience
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  • The Best Service at the Most Affordable Price

So call the McHale’s remodeling team today, and start making your dream kitchen and bathrooms into a reality this year!

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