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Sewer Backed Up in Morrisville, PA

Sewer Backed Up in Morrisville, PA

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Sewer backed in Morrisville, PA with McHales.

Description of Problem 

In Morrisville, PA, a concerned homeowner reached out to McHales due to recurring issues whenever they ran their washing machine. Their downstairs toilets would gurgle, and to make matters worse, there was an unpleasant overflow at an outside access point. This distressing problem had occurred previously, approximately 5-6 years ago. The homeowner, well aware of the situation, mentioned that their home was constructed back in 1962. If a sewer backed up in Morrisville, PA is affecting your plumbing system, contact us at McHales today.

Job Site Conditions 

Upon arriving at the site, our team found a troubling scenario. Multiple fixtures within the home were experiencing backups, manifesting as gurgling toilets when the washing machine was in operation. Additionally, there was an overflow issue at an outside access point, indicating a severe blockage or damage within the sewer line. The recurrence of this problem over the years indicated the need for a more permanent solution.

Job Details

To tackle the persistent sewer backup problem effectively, our team formulated a comprehensive plan:

    • Access Outside Spot Repair: Initially, our technicians attempted to address the issue by snaking the drain with a cable, reaching up to 40 feet. However, they couldn’t maintain the drain’s openness. Subsequently, a sewer camera inspection was conducted to pinpoint the problem accurately.
  • Sewer Camera Inspection: Our team was able to use a sewer drain camera to go another 20 ft further into the sewer line to accurately see what the issue was. When the camera reached the problem location, the team could clearly see that the line was backed up completely. We knew we needed to address this issue promptly to prevent further plumbing issues for our client. 
  • Sewer Line Clean Out: Since we couldn’t keep the drain open from our access point outside, we had to make our own access point to tackle this blockage. The next step involved excavation to a depth of approximately 4 feet using an excavator. The team removed a 4-inch cast-iron section of the sewer line and replaced it with a 4-inch PVC two-way tee equipped with a cleanout. This cleanout was positioned 6 inches above the ground surface in compliance with code requirements. The trench was backfilled with the excavated dirt, allowing for natural settlement.
  • Sewer Lateral Inspection: A critical aspect of the project was a sewer lateral inspection. This step involved examining the entire sewer line to identify any additional issues or potential blockages that required attention.

Importance of Sewer Camera Inspections

The inclusion of a sewer camera inspection in our plumbing projects is invaluable. It allows us to precisely locate blockages, damage, or other issues within the sewer lines, saving time and minimizing disruption. By identifying the root cause of the problem, we can tailor our solutions effectively, ensuring a long-lasting resolution. Sewer camera inspections provide transparency, enabling homeowners to understand the issues and the steps needed to address them comprehensively.

Sewer Backed Up in Morrisville, PA

This recent project in Morrisville, PA, illustrates McHales’ commitment to resolving complex plumbing issues efficiently and effectively. Whether you’re facing recurring sewer backups or any plumbing challenges, McHales is your trusted partner in ensuring a clean and smoothly functioning sewer system in your home. Contact us today if a sewer backed up in Morrisville, PA is causing issues with your plumbing system. 

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By Brenna Thirkell

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