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Reasons to Consider a Holiday Fuse Box Upgrade

Reasons to Consider a Holiday Fuse Box Upgrade

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Reasons to Consider a Holiday Fuse Box Upgrade

Are you planning a staycation for the holidays? If so, then it might be the perfect time for a fuse box upgrade. Because while it might not be the most exciting thing to do with your time and money, upgrading your fuse box or electrical panel is definitely a worthwhile investment. Take a look at our reasons to consider a holiday fuse box upgrade.

Improved safety  

If you have an older home, it was most likely only designed with a few circuits that used a total of 30, 50, or sometimes 60 amps. Today, however, we consume more power because we have far more appliances and devices. That means we place a higher demand on our electrical systems than those old ones are designed to handle. When an electrical circuit overloads, the circuit breaker trips. This interrupts the power supply and prevents the wires or your appliances from overheating and catching fire.

Unfortunately, in older homes, connections are often loose—and that prevents the circuit from tripping, which can lead to overheating wires and cause a fire. Even if you replace the circuit breaker with a larger one, it might not be a safe solution if it’s rated to handle more power than the wire it’s on. 

When you upgrade your fuse box, you ensure that all the wiring, fuses, and circuit breakers are graded to handle the power that your household uses. This eliminates the danger of wiring overheating and causing fires. 

More and more consistent power

As we’ve seen, nowadays we consume more power than ever before. Just think about the number of TVs, laptops, and smart phones every household has compared to even just 20 years ago. Of course, using all this power on a system that’s not equipped to handle it has consequences. Fuses blow more often and need to be replaced. Circuit breakers trip regularly and need to be re-set, for example if you’re running the dishwasher and start the vacuum cleaner. You’ve probably also noticed “brown-outs,” or times when the lights in your home dim if you turn on another appliance. In some cases, you might even notice the lights flickering. 

Replacing your old fuse box with a new one that’s designed to handle all your power needs will ensure that all these small inconveniences are over. Instead of having to drop everything to re-set a circuit breaker when a circuit trips due to you using the coffee maker and toaster at the same time, you’ll be able to enjoy your breakfast in peace and head out to work without any delays. 

Increased home value

If you make the investment to upgrade your fuse box now, it will add significantly to your home’s value, which can be a plus if you’re looking to sell within the next few years. Prospective buyers will see an outdated fuse box as a significant disadvantage—and that will be reflected in how much they’re willing to pay for the home. With a recently upgraded fuse box, the home’s power system being taken care of, which means you can take that into account when setting your asking price. 

Finally, if you upgrade your fuse box before the holidays, then you’ll have the additional security of knowing that your home’s electrical system will be able to handle all of those extra holiday lights!

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