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Professional Well Pump Maintenance in Pennsylvania

Professional Well Pump Maintenance in Pennsylvania

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well pump maintenance in Pennsylvania by McHale's

Many people across America use private groundwater wells to get their water. These wells tap into aquifers underground to provide cheap water. However, EPA regulations that protect public water don’t apply to private well water. Because of this, well owners have to be vigilant about ensuring their water is safe. Unfortunately, there’s a major catch. It’s highly unsafe for well owners to try and service their own wells. Attempting to do so can cause water contamination, losing things in the well, or even electrocution. If your well pump isn’t working, it’s best to call the professionals at McHale’ to do the work for you. When you choose us to get well pump maintenance in Pennsylvania, we follow three steps:


Visual Inspection


The first step involves us closely examining the equipment and giving it preventative maintenance to make sure everything is in order. This kind of inspection should be done annually to catch any problems before they cause serious issues.


Flow Test


After that, we perform a flow test. This test shows the output of the well pump, letting us see if it’s running correctly. It the test results fall out of the normal range, then we’ll have to take a closer look at your systems. The problem could be with your deep well pump, the pressure tank, or the control system. We’ll also check out your pump’s electrical systems, motor performance, and pressure levels.


Water Test


Finally, the well’s water gets tested for contaminants. Some of the things we’re looking for include coliform bacteria and nitrates. We also do tests to look for iron, manganese, water hardness, sulfides, and anything that could cause problems with the plumbing or water’s appearance. We may suggest additional testing depending on what we find.

After all of this, we’ll deliver you a detailed report on what we found. This report contains our expert explanations, results, and recommendations on further activity.


Why is McHale’s one of the best in well pump maintenance in Pennsylvania?


McHale’s has spent the last 60 years helping Pennsylvania homeowners with their homes and wells. Our award-winning team of professionals is highly trained and capable of any sort of assistance you might need. When we perform any sort of work, we’ll provide you an estimated start and completion date. In addition, we’ll perform our work without leaving your home looking like a construction site. If you’re looking for professionals who know their wells, call McHale’s.

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