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The Top 8 Warning Signs You Need A Furnace Installation

The Top 8 Warning Signs You Need A Furnace Installation

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Pumpkins. Foliage. Shorter days. These are just some of the most common images associated with fall but none of them are more essential to the season than a furnace installation. With fall comes colder weather, and you need a reliable heating system in your home to withstand it all. However, you may start to feel as if your current furnace is not working as well as it once did. You may even notice it beginning to cost you more on energy bills, bring you poorer indoor air quality, and stop providing it with comforting warm air altogether. Whatever you do, do not waste a moment in replacing it and instead call a professional for furnace installation.

And if you are looking for the right service company, allow McHales to help you. We are your number-one destination for all your heating needs. We have a team of fully-trained technicians ready and willing to help keep your home warm this fall and winter. There are several reasons why you may be seeking furnace installation. Perhaps your furnace is too old, or perhaps you are simply looking for a way to boost your home’s level of comfort this season. No matter your reasons, we can install a modern furnace in your home as soon as possible. All you need to do is send a phone call our way!

8 Warning Signs You Need a New Furnace Installation

Even if replacing your furnace with a better system will be one of the most important things you do this fall, some homeowners cannot quite determine when the time for replacement is coming. In that case, you may want to pay attention to any of these 8 warning signs that is time for a change:

  1. Increased Spending on Repair: It may get to the point with your furnace where it seems like you are calling for professional heating service pretty much all the time. This can take its toll on your savings, as those repair bills will build up over time and lead you to becoming overwhelmed when trying to pay them off. If the repair calls are too frequent, it is time to consider what needs to be done to ensure you stay warm without increasing costs. The best way to do so is calling right away for a new, much more reliable furnace.
  2. Poor Energy Efficiency: Repairs won’t be the only way you lose money due to a faulty furnace. You may also experience poor energy efficiency that will see your monthly energy costs skyrocket beyond belief. A faulty furnace is more likely to expend more energy when trying to heat up your home, which only allow for energy costs to increase as time goes by. Again, if the bills are getting too high, you need to take action and replace them.
  3. Poor Indoor Air Quality: Are you starting to cough and sneeze a lot more in your house? Is your entire family starting to cough and sneeze more? Chances are, it’s not just the common cold running through your home. It may have something with poor indoor air quality. A faulty furnace will result in dust, bacteria, and other allergens to enter your home. This will make it hard to catch a breath of fresh air and any asthma sufferers in your home will certainly feel the full effects of contaminated air. Replacing the furnace will do wonders for the health of your entire family.
  4. Yellow Pilot Light: Have you notice the color of your pilot light recently? If it is blue, don’t worry. It means the furnace has balanced levels of gas in your home. However, a yellow pilot light is an immediate cause for concern. Yellow means carbon monoxide, a deadly yet odorless gas, is present in your home. Since this is one of the most effective ways to detect carbon monoxide, you need to replace your furnace right away or else you risk serious illness or even death.
  5. Bad Smells: Smelling some nasty odors in your home, especially ones that smell like gasoline? Check your furnace before anything else. Though a furnace will emit gas or oil smells when it starts running for the first time, it is means for concern when the gas smell continues long after its first use. The smell may also indicate a serious problem with your heating system, so it’s important to call a professional technician at McHales to further investigate the problem.
  6. Loud, Distracting Noises: If you want your fall and winter to be peaceful and quiet, a furnace may interrupt your plans once it starts making noises. These noises can mean anything: belt issues, ignition problems, or just old components. Some of these issues can be fixed easily. However, to avoid any additional spending, it may be better to replace the system. That way, you can finally get the peace and quiet you want.
  7. Inconsistent Heating: Are you noticing ice forming on your roof before the fall even truly settles in? Then it is a sign that the heat from the furnace is exiting through the attic instead of an area of your home that needs it. You may also begin to feel a draft in various areas of your home even if the furnace is running. These cold spots will become more common once the system begins to malfunction. Bouts of inconsistent heating will only get worse the longer you stick with your old furnace, so it will be better to purchase a new system before the season begins.
  8. Condensation Leaks: At first, the thought of your furnace leaking condensation may seem a little odd, but it is one of the clearest signs that replacement is imminent. Condensation leaks are due to clogs or breaks in the condenser line, which usually occurs in high-efficiency gas furnaces that use cool exhaust. If this problem is providing you with more moisture than ever before, you may want to purchase a standard efficiency furnace instead. It does not use cool exhaust, helping you avoid leaks entirely.

Contact McHales today if you need furnace installation from a fully-trained and licensed heating expert who can provide you improved heating immediately!

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