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How to Modernize Your Newtown Bathroom With New Fixtures

How to Modernize Your Newtown Bathroom With New Fixtures

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You Don’t Need an Entire Bathroom Remodeling: New Bathroom Fixture Installation Can Help

Let’s talk about your bathroom. Specifically, your plumbing fixtures. When was the last time you replaced that leaky faucet? Or that rusted shower head? What about the avocado-green toilet that’s probably been there since the 1970s? If you’ve owned your home for any length of time, chances are that you still have the same old plumbing fixtures. Isn’t it time for an upgrade? McHale’s performs new bathroom fixture installations to help modernize your space.

Even though, we are experts in the reasonably priced bathroom remodel, we also have a lot of ways to easily update your bathroom without springing for a total remodel. Admittedly, a total remodel can help you upgrade a lot of things—like the walls and overall size of the room—but if you are only looking to make some quick and easy changes that balance style and function, then a simple upgrade to your plumbing fixtures is the way to go.

Whether it’s replacing your toilet or swapping out the faucet, you’re sure to be amazed at the difference in the room once you’ve installed more modern fixtures. The added bonus here is also functional: modern fixtures tend to use less water overall than older models, so you could experience a high amount of cost savings on your bills in the near future.

Swapping out older faucets damaged by hard water is also a good idea. You know that layer of junky lime scale that has been resisting your scrub brush? You can get rid of that with nary a scrub brush. Replacing your toilet saves you water; it’s an easy change to make and one that you’ll gain some solid piece of mind from as well.

Upgrade your plumbing fixtures and you’ll be surprised at the modern bathroom! Call the experts at McHale’s today!

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