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McHales Cares To Renovate Middletown Athletic Association Baseball Field House

McHales Cares To Renovate Middletown Athletic Association Baseball Field House

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Middletown Athletic Association Baseball Field house being renovated by McHales and McHales Cares

As part of McHales’ McHales Cares initiative, McHales Cares will renovate the MiddleTown Athletic Association (MAA) baseball field house. This effort will be in place of the monthly $1,000 donation McHales Cares makes to a local organization, voted on by local community members. This initiative will replace the donations for the months of March and April.

About the Middletown Athletic Association (MAA)

The Middletown Athletic Association (MAA) is a non-profit organization located in Levittown, Pennsylvania, that has been making a positive impact on the local community for over 60 years. Founded in 1958, the MAA has been providing recreational sports programs for children and adults in the Middletown Township area.

The MAA offers a wide range of sports programs including basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, football, and cheerleading. The organization provides a safe and structured environment for children to learn new skills, build self-confidence, and make new friends. For adults, the MAA offers softball and basketball leagues, providing a fun and competitive outlet for community members.

How the Middletown Athletic Association impacts our Levittown community

One of the MAA’s most significant impacts on the community has been its commitment to inclusivity. The organization welcomes children of all abilities and offers adaptive programs for children with disabilities. This has been a source of joy for many families who may have struggled to find inclusive recreational opportunities for their children.

Additionally, the MAA is entirely volunteer-run and relies heavily on community involvement to keep its programs running. This has created a sense of community pride and engagement, with families, businesses, and individuals all coming together to support the organization.

The MAA has been an integral part of the Middletown Township community, providing opportunities for physical activity, personal growth, and community involvement. Its impact has been felt by generations of families, and its continued success is a testament to the dedication and hard work of its volunteers.

McHales & McHales Cares Will Renovate the MAA Field House

In March and April, McHales and McHales Cares will renovate the Middletown Athletic Association (MAA) baseball field house. The renovation will include installing a new roof, replacing the siding, painting the interior and exterior, and installing new lights. This project will not only enhance the appearance of the fields but also provide safer and more enjoyable conditions for the children and adults who utilize the facilities.

We hope the impact of this renovation will be felt by the entire community. Our goal is for the renovated fields to provide a sense of pride for the community, reinforcing the idea that recreational opportunities are essential for the longevity of our vibrant community.

Moreover, this renovation aims to further involve the local community and support the MAA. McHales and McHales Cares are proud to support the organization and look forward to creating long-term community partnerships. This renovation project will not only improve the physical infrastructure of the MAA but aims to strengthen the bonds between community members and local businesses, ultimately creating a more resilient and connected community.

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