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Make the Switch This Summer to Tankless Water Heating in Horsham, PA

Make the Switch This Summer to Tankless Water Heating in Horsham, PA

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Hot water may be the last thing on your mind, especially at this time of year when the outdoor temperatures are scorching. If anything, you probably to take a dive into a swimming pool filled with cold, refreshing water. But there’s no denying having a steady flow of hot water is essential to life in your home. After all, how else can you expect to take showers or wash dishes? If your current water heater tank is giving you problems, you should consider making the switch to tankless water heating in Horsham, PA this summer.

There’s no denying a conventional water heating tank can still supply you with hot water, but it’s also more susceptible to leaks, cracks, corrosion, and poor water quality. Tankless water heating in Horsham, PA can help you avoid these troubles altogether. In fact, you’ll experience better all-round efficiency and longevity once you make the switch. And if you’re looking for a service company to help you in that process, please call McHales today and we’ll gladly install a tankless water heater in your home.

Why Should You Consider Tankless Water Heating in Horsham, PA?

A tankless water heater can provide you with all sorts of benefits that you wouldn’t be able to get with a conventional water heater, including:

  • Longer Water Heating Lifespan: Tankless water heating can provide you up to 20 years’ worth of hot water. That’s two decades of you not having to worry about replacing your water heating system. You’ll save so much more long-term money on repair and replacement service.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency: A conventional water heater tank may increase energy consumption every time it heats up water, meaning the costs on your energy bills will skyrocket. Since tankless water heating eliminates the tank entirely, you’ll notice decreased energy costs without jeopardizing the quality of your hot water.
  • Space Efficiency: Depending on the size of your water heater tank, it can take up so much space in your home that it can be difficult finding room to install other appliances. Since there is no tank that will take up space, tankless water heating will allow you to enjoy hot water without the hassle of trying to make it fit within your home.

Contact McHales today if you want to learn more on tankless water heating in Horsham, PA and see how it can improve life in your home!

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