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Interview about Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Interview about Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

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At McHale’s, we’re the remodel experts.  We’ve been winning awards for our beautiful kitchen and bathroom remodeling jobs since 1999.  We want to bring our knowledge and expertise to you, so we had our expert, Paul White, do a brief interview to answer the most common questions.  We hope you’ll read it and then give us a call!

Tell me about McHale’s Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling.

We are a family-owned business that is now being led by its third-generation owner, Tim McHale.  His Grandfather, John Senior, a plumber by trade, founded the company in 1950.  Tim’s father, John Junior, expanded the company in the 1970’s to include all phases of kitchen and bathroom remodeling.  Today, with plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and HVAC services, we are a complete home repair and remodeling company that has been in business in the same location for the past 64 years.  John McHale Senior’s very simple philosophy when he started in 1950 is still our backbone and guiding light today: “We do what we say we are going to do.”

Why should homeowners choose McHale’s to remodel their kitchen or bathroom?

McHale’s has the experienced, skilled craftsman and support staff to be able to offer the remodeling consumer the COMPLETE package. From the initial in-home complimentary consultation, to painting that final piece of trim, and every phase in between, the homeowner is in the hands of a reputable, reliable, insured and bonded company that will take care of everything, including acquisition of the local permits that are usually required.  The consumer has to “just add water”, as the old expression goes.

What makes this season a good time to do remodeling?

You can spruce up that old kitchen or bath in time for the holidays (and in time for fussy Aunt Margaret’s visit) still, in most cases.  It’s never too late to get the wheels of a remodeling project in motion, especially right now.  Another nice thing about planning now, rather than later, is that often times the major manufacturers in our business usually introduce their price increases in the spring months. It’s an unfortunate, but usual, annual occurrence.  By getting started now, you can avoid those higher prices from the manufacturers in your project.

Take me through some of the considerations a homeowner should make prior to doing a remodel.

Get a budget established. Make a list of your priorities and establish realistic goals based upon your budget. Minor repairs are one thing, and yes, they can sometimes be taken care of by a local “handyman”.  But, if you’re contemplating a major project like kitchen or bath remodeling, you really need to consider the type of company that you want to do your job, and not necessarily the cheapest price.  Anybody can sell you materials. However, if you want the job to be executed in a timely, efficient manner, with a minimal amount of downtime and interruptions to your family’s daily lifestyle, you need to look for an experienced company such as McHale’s, which can provide just that. We pride ourselves in being able to offer our clients a definitive starting date, as well as a definitive completion date.  You also need to ask yourself if the company you’re contemplating has a real place of business and a showroom that you can visit and make product selections from, as well as other tangible assets, such as product warehousing and transportation, not just some storefront that’s being rented temporarily”

How long does the process generally take?

It all depends on the size and complexity of the project, of course.  We have to consider if walls are being removed, fixtures being relocated, that sort of thing. Generally speaking, we have turned around most average 5’x 8’ baths, doing a full “gut-to-studs redo” in two weeks.  The timeframe for kitchens can vary greatly. We’ve done small ones, where the only thing we were doing was providing new cabinets, countertops, sink and faucet in a week!  We’ve done huge projects, approaching six figures in cost, where we were out there for a month.

What are the benefits of having McHale’s do your remodeling?

In addition to what I’ve already mentioned, you will be dealing with a team of skilled, talented and dedicated individuals, which together, will provide the best remodeling value for your dollar.  Our experience allows us to understand all of the intricacies of the entire process. We have constantly refined our program through the years to make the project as pain-free for the homeowner as is possible.  The level of detail in our written contracts is unsurpassed in the industry; you’ll know exactly what you’re getting for your money.  We have NKBA Certified Designers on staff – not too many remodeling companies can state that.  If there’s a better way to gain more usable space, or to make the design function and “flow” better, McHale’s will find that method and implement it.

Am I missing anything you’d like to add?

I’d always recommend that the consumer get some education by taking the time to do a little on-line research.  There are many professional groups in the remodeling industry across the nation that can offer valuable advice.  McHale’s has belonged to 2 of the most prominent ones for many years now: The NKBA (National Kitchen And Bath Association) and NARI (National Association of The Remodeling Industry),both have websites with helpful consumer information.  Also, be sure to check with today’s online social medias, your local BBB office, and Chambers Of Commerce, to make sure you’re dealing with reputable, trusted businesses with good histories and feedback. And lastly, there’s certainly nothing wrong in putting some feelers out; ask your friends and co-workers if they’ve ever had any remodeling experience, and ask them who they would (or would not!) recommend and why.

If you’d like more information, go to our remodeling page and look around, then give us a call for a consultation from an expert.  It’s the perfect season for perfect remodeling jobs, so contact us today!



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