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HVAC in Trenton, NJ: 3 Common HVAC Problems

HVAC in Trenton, NJ: 3 Common HVAC Problems

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Temperatures are gradually rising, and that means it’s time to schedule your annual maintenance for your HVAC in Trenton, NJ!

Here’s Why You Need to Schedule Maintenance for Your HVAC in Trenton, NJ

One of the things the team of HVAC specialists here at McHales sees all too often are air conditioners that break down for one simple, avoidable reason: they haven’t been properly maintained. And with all due respect, as professionals, it’s our duty to point out that this isn’t a wise course of action.

Just think about it: do you take your car in for tune-ups? You do, right? Because you need it to get from point A to point B without endangering yourself or others.

Similarly, you rely on your air conditioning system to provide a healthy, comfortable living environment during the summer, when heat, moisture, pollen, and other contaminants can result in plummeting air quality. That’s air you’re breathing into your lungs—so don’t you want to make sure it’s clean?

Scheduling AC maintenance ensures that your air conditioning system is ready to go when the warm months get here!

3 Common Problems with HVAC in Trenton, NJ

Since air conditioners are typically heavily used during the summer, we often see the same three problems:

  1. Leaking lines. Every AC has lines that serve to flush fluids such as refrigerant and water through the system. If these lines aren’t regularly cleaned, they can burst, causing the AC to leak the fluids. This results in impaired performance, as well as possible damage to property due to the leaked fluid.
  2. Broken fan. Every AC needs a properly working fan to blow cool air into the home. Fans are often the first part of an AC to get damaged—but fortunately, they’re easily replaced.
  3. Damaged sensors. Oftentimes, an AC’s sensors get damaged. When this happens, the AC doesn’t get correct data about the room temperature, which can result in extremely high or low temperatures.

If you want to schedule top-rated HVAC services, call McHales!

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