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HVAC Contractor Lends Helpful Tips for Your Thermostat

HVAC Contractor Lends Helpful Tips for Your Thermostat

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hvac contractor and helpful tips on how to manage your thermostat so you can look as cozy as she does

Back in the day thermostats were very simple to use by either adjusting it to the warm or cold side. It was so simple in fact that kids were able to adjust it themselves. That is why a lot of parents chose to keep it away from the kids in case they were messing with it too much. Nowadays the thermostat game has changed and surprisingly enough they have become a lot more complicated. Our HVAC contractor explains that to get the most efficiency of heating in your home, it is important to keep tabs on your thermostat and find ways to utilize it during certain hours of the day.  It can be a challenge trying to manage control over your thermostat and the result is more expenses for your home’s heat. So, these helpful tips on your thermostat will surely help you take more control of it.

Why Take Advice from McHale’s HVAC Contractor?

Here at McHale’s, we take pride in customer service. We deliver nothing but the absolute best for all our clients because ensuring a warm and safe home is a must. With our experts across the board, whether it’s maintenance, repair, or installation, our HVAC team is always prepared for any jobs you throw our way. Every HVAC contractor here at McHale’s is well-trained and knowledge about your home’s heating system. So, trust us to bring high-quality performance to your home, and save more with efficient heating and plumbing service advice and tips!

Be Proactive

When it comes to your thermostat, our HVAC contractor believes you need to be proactive and conscious about how you’re using it. Otherwise, you will find yourself with several problems such as more expenses and heating the home unevenly. This can cause hot spots and cold spots, causing people to lose the value of their entire home and keep all the warm air in one section. Also, the increased demand affects your heating system making it more likely that you will need a repair or maintenance check. Our HVAC contractor explains that since we are dealing with newer thermostats that have programmability, we must take advantage of that and start utilizing its assets. This way, you will start saving hundreds of dollars a month on your heating bill.

Tips to Use

  1. Don’t run it if no one’s home – if your house is empty then there is no point in running the heater. While you and your family are out of the house and your heater continues to run, you’re just wasting a lot of energy that translates into a higher monthly bill. Turn down the dial around 55 degrees Fahrenheit, that way you will avoid freezing in the home but eliminate wasted heat at the same time.
  2. Don’t start a war between your heater and freezer – a warm house makes your freezer and refrigerator work harder than it should. If you keep the house at a medium temperature or maybe a bit cooler than you usually have the temperature set as than it will easily translate into savings. You will be saving on electrical demand from cooling appliances throughout your home, making you, the freezer, and the heater happy.
  3. Adjust the thermostat slowly – Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get used to the colder temperature without having to freeze yourself. Well, if you just adjust your thermostat one degree lower a week and stick to that cycle, then you will not only save more money but will also adapt to a cooler temperature without feeling an abrupt cold change.
  4. Schedule cooler evenings – Did you know that people actually sleep best when the temperature is cooler than usual? When the environment is cooler, it means a better night’s sleep, so try adjusting your home heat at night and sleep tight knowing you’re saving money on your heating bill.
  5. Use a programmable thermostat – programmable thermostats are one of the biggest advantages to temperature control. It gives you the ability to control and schedule out temperature around the house for an entire week, during the day and at night.
  6. Wear more sweaters – Try to maintain a heating limit under 68 or 70 degrees during the winter. It’s a comfortable level to live on and wearing a sweater here and there can help keep you warm. Plus, if you can avoid running the system higher than it should be, you can save yourself an extra $20 just on that night.
  7. Maintain your heating system – the reason why people deal with such expensive heating repairs is because they don’t keep an eye on their products over time. Ignoring your heating system can do a lot of damage, so maintain your heater and have an HVAC contractor check it at least once a year if not twice especially if you find yourself using it a lot in the past. Also, try changing your system’s filter monthly, a simple clean filter alone can prolong a heater’s life.

Use these tips from our HVAC contractor and call McHale’s today for all heating service repairs, maintenance, and installations!

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