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How to Shut Down Your AC For the Cold Weather

How to Shut Down Your AC For the Cold Weather

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Fall is here and the weather is cooling down. That means winter is coming, and homeowners have to think about switching out their cooling for heating. Like most homeowners, you probably have an AC, which includes the inside unit and the outdoor condenser. To ensure the outdoor unit will be safe, you have to shut down your AC to disconnect it from power and protect it from the elements. At McHale’s, we can advise you on how to properly protect your AC from the winter.

Here’s what you have to do to shut down your AC:


Repair any pre-existing damage

Before you prepare your AC for the winter, you should make sure there isn’t any damage that needs repairing. If there is any damage, call us so you can get it fixed up. Allowing a damaged AC to linger through the winter will only cause the damage to get worse, and you might be surprised to have your AC not work next spring.


Turn off the condenser

You might think you just have to turn off the indoor AC unit, but the condenser needs to be shut off, as well. If you don’t, a warm spell could cause the condenser to turn on and suck in ice and snow. To turn off the condenser’s power, look for the breaker switch for the AC and turn it off. It’s often found on the side of the house or under a flip-up switch near the condenser. Keep in mind that you’ll have to turn this switch back on in the spring.


Clean the condenser

With the power sorted, now you should spend a moment giving the condenser some TLC. Find a broom and sweep away any sort of debris around and on your condenser, such as loose branches and leaves. After that, you should lightly wash off the condenser with a hose. While it’s drying, check to see if the filter needs replacing and examine the condenser to ensure the seals are tight and there’s no visible damage. If you do see any sort of damage, let us know the next time you need our service.


Cover up the condenser

When the condenser is dried off, all that remains is to cover the condenser with a water-proof cover. If you don’t own one, you can usually find one at the hardware store or you can use a water-proof tarp if it covers the entire condenser. Also, make sure you use bungee ropes to secure the cover so it won’t be blown away by the wind.


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