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Heat Pump Repair in Ambler

Heat Pump Repair in Ambler

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heat pump in Pennsylvania by McHale's

What makes heat pumps so great is that they are a highly energy efficient method of heating up your home. That’s because heat pumps work by using a small amount of energy to transfer heat from a “heat source,” such as the outside air or ground, into a “heat sink,” such as the inside of your home.

Heat pumps are a smart choice to enhance your home’s efficiency because they are capable of keeping your home comfortable in even the coldest of climates. As far as home energy efficiency goes, there is not much out there that tops heat pumps. Unlike combustion-based heating systems like furnaces, heat pumps simply transfer heat from a preexisting source as opposed to having to burn fuel. How neat is that?

Heat Pump Repair Features in Ambler

Trust McHale’s for all of your heat pump repair and service needs. No matter what the problem is, we have more than likely seen it before. We have performed quite a bit of repair work on heat pumps over the years, so there is not much out there that we can’t handle.

If you decide to call McHale’s, our heating experts will diagnose your heat pump problems quickly and be able to provide you with a detailed price quote before we begin doing any work.

Heat Pump Repair Benefits in Ambler

When you are looking at ways to heat your home, there is perhaps nothing more important than energy efficiency. As your heat pumps endure wear and tear over the years, its efficiency rate may begin to decrease.

Not to mention, if your heat pump is older than 10 years, it is more than likely performing at a lower efficiency rate than when it was first installed. However, if you have your heat pump regularly repaired and serviced, you will be able to extend your unit’s lifespan and help keep it running for years to come.

Does your heat pump need to be repaired or serviced? Call the heating professionals at McHale’s today!

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