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Heat Pump Repair and Replacement

Heat pumps are one of the most cost-effective ways to heat and cool your Newtown and Bucks County home. Think of it like this: by definition, heat pumps move heat, the don’t radiate it. Because they aren’t generating the heat themselves, you are saving money.

And, they work in any season. During the winter, a heat pump extracts outside heat and transfers it inside. In the summer, it works in reverse, taking warm air from your home and transferring it outside.

But, like other devices, heat pumps can develop problems over the course of their life, and McHale’s is here to help.

Heat Pump Problems

  • Heat pump is not providing sufficient heating.
  • Your home is not getting heat at all.
  • The heat pump is not turning on or off.
  • Your heat pump is making odd noises

These are the most common problems we see when we go out to repair heat pumps, but you can bet that no matter what you are experiencing, our team of professionals can get it repaired in no time.

Benefits of Having a Heat Pump

If you haven’t taken that step yet, and are on the fence about whether heat pumps are a good choice for you and your family, then McHale’s can help with that, too.

We firmly believe in the benefits you will receive when you have a heat pump installed by one of our technicians. We want you to believe in them, too.

  • Heating and cooling in one: There will be no more need to buy two separate units to get the desired temperatures you want.
  • Convenience: You can move the temperature up or down at the flip of a switch. And, you will feel that switch within a few minutes. In addition, heat pumps come with a programmable timer that allows you to set when you want a room in your home to hit a certain temperature.
  • Safety: There are no flames or hot surfaces that children can be exposed to. They also don’t create smoke, ashes, moisture, or other types of waste materials that can get into your home.
  • Improved air quality: They help circulate the air throughout our home purifying it and make it cleaner for you and your family to breath.
  • Increased value: A warm, dry, comfortable atmosphere to live in is more appealing to potential buyers in the future than is a home without such luxuries.

It’s time for that heat pump installation, so call McHale’s today!

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