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Grinder Pump Replacement in Chalfont, PA

Grinder Pump Replacement in Chalfont, PA

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Grinder Pump Replacement in Chalfont, PA with McHales

In Chalfont, PA, the reliability of grinder pumps plays a crucial role in maintaining the proper functioning of wastewater systems. Recently, we received a call from a customer in need of a grinder pump replacement in Chalfont, PA. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the description of the problem, assess the job site conditions, discuss the job details, and explain the significance of grinder pumps in wastewater management. Contact us today to learn about our emergency plumbing services. We can help minimize your sewage grinder pump issues.

Description of the Problem

Our customer reached out to us with an urgent issue—an incessantly alarming grinder pump. The pump was emitting a concerning hum, indicating that it was running but potentially failing to move water as intended. Given the urgency, the homeowner was keen to have a technician visit their house promptly.

Job Site Conditions

The job site conditions provided a unique challenge. The grinder pump in question was a specialized pump assembly, designed as a single unit. What made this task even more remarkable was the age of the pump assembly, which was originally installed in August 2000, making it 23 years old. Despite its age, the pump’s alarming condition required immediate attention. Upon inspection, the technician could hear the pump’s hum but suspected that it was not effectively moving water, suggesting potential internal issues.

Job Details

To address the grinder pump issue effectively, our team embarked on a series of essential tasks:

  1. Locating a new pump assembly: The first step was to find a suitable replacement pump assembly. The team had to investigate pricing and availability options to swiftly restore the homeowner’s wastewater system.
  2. Assessment and discussion with the homeowner: Despite it being a Sunday, the team initiated contact with the homeowner to discuss the situation and provide insight into the planned course of action. This proactive approach aimed to keep the homeowner informed and reassured.
  3. Pump Inspection: The grinder pump in question was an E-ONE DH071 series grinder pump, which had been in service for over two decades. The team observed that, after running for an extended period, the pump’s alarm was still sounding, indicating an issue with its water removal capabilities. Consequently, the decision was made to replace the grinder pump assembly. This included the installation of a new DH071 sewage grinder pump and a new control box within the basement.
  4. Pit inspection: Before proceeding with the replacement, the team planned to inspect the inside of the pump pit. If the pit contained substances like grease, wipes, feminine products, or anything besides normal water and sewage, a septic company might need to pump them out, potentially incurring additional costs. Fortunately, the pit didn’t contain any of these items, allowing us to proceed with the replacement.
  5. Removal and Replacement: Once we confirmed that the pit was thoroughly inspected, the old DH071 grinder pump was disconnected and removed from its pit. The new DH071 sewage grinder pump was then carefully positioned in the pit. Next, we made all the necessary connections to ensure proper function. Finally, we configured the control box to manage the grinder’s operation and set up the system’s electrical components.
  6. Testing: We performed a few test runs to ensure that the newly installed sewage grinder pump ran functionally.

Grinder Pump Replacement in Chalfont, PA 

The prompt response to grinder pump issues in Chalfont, PA, underscores the importance of these specialized pumps in wastewater management systems. Grinder pumps are essential for breaking down solids and ensuring the efficient transport of wastewater, making their proper functioning vital. The replacement solved the immediate issue and secured the wastewater system’s reliability. A new pump assembly and control box offer peace of mind with a two-year warranty. Contact us today if you are experiencing a plumbing emergency such as sewage grinder pump issues.

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By Brenna Thirkell

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