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Furnace Repair and Replacement

Furnace Repair and Replacement

When the weather gets cold, you count on your furnace to keep your family comfortable. If you’re furnace isn’t up for the job anymore, it may be time to consider getting your furnace replaced. A lot can happen to a furnace as it ages: less efficiency, constant breakdowns, and a major drop in overall home comfort is all an older furnace can manage before it kicks the bucket for good. Trust in your local Newtown and Bucks County heating experts at McHale’s to find the perfect furnace replacement for your home, or repair your old one if there’s still some life in it.

Signs Your Furnace May Need Replacement

You don’t want to be caught out in the cold during the frigid winter months, so be sure to fully inspect your furnace before you start putting a heavy load on it. Look for the warning signs – if any of the following items are on your list, you may need a replacement:

  • Yellow flame: Your furnace’s flame is normally blue, which indicates it is burning as pure as possible. If it the flame is yellow, that is a sure sign that your burner isn’t properly mixing air and gas, more than likely due to dirt. After a solid cleaning, if you still experience yellow flames, a replacement might be your only option.
  • Scale: A buildup of scale and block burners and reduce the efficiency of your furnace. These flakes of rust happen because of an accumulation of moisture and can wreak havoc on your furnace.
  • Odd sounds: Over noisy furnaces aren’t a sign that they’re working hard, but rather working a bit too hard.


Benefits of Furnace Replacement and Installation

As furnaces age, the need for constant maintenance and repair increase. Eventually, the money you end up paying for repair after repair becomes more than the cost of a new furnace. This considering that, one day, you will need to replace your furnace really puts an emphsis on making a replacement a real consideration. Trust in the heating experts at McHale’s to help you find the best furnace your family’s needs. We’ll assess your current heating system and the requirements of your home.

Furnace Replacement and Repair Features

Considering a new heating system? We will be more than happy to come out to your home or office and discuss your heating system needs. We have a number of active rebates, incentives and have financing partners to help you make a new furnace purchase affordable. Our company carries all major furnace makes, models and brands. Most of the installations take less than a day to finish.

Furnace Benefits Include:

  • Improved Comfort: The best energy efficient furnaces provide superior comfort because they operate on and off less often.
  • Temperature Control: With the most advanced thermostats and controls you can better manage the temperature and comfort level in your home.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: With sealed combustion furnaces which contain and remove all the combustion bi-products with no chance of fumes being vented into the home.
  • Energy Efficiency: A brand new energy efficient furnace from McHale’s can reduce your energy bills by up to 40%!
  • Less Noise: With advancements in technology and design options, new furnaces make far less noise compared to clunky older units.


Don’t wait until you’re caught out in the cold! Call the heating experts at McHale’s today to learn more about how a new furnace can keep your family comfortable all year long!

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