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Eternal Tankless Water Heaters in Bucks County

Eternal Tankless Water Heaters in Bucks County

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Self- Cleaning Hybrid Heater Maintains Efficiency

There are so many tankless water heater models out there, how do you choose? At McHale’s we’re here to help. Our team is trained to install the Eternal Condensing Hybrid tankless water heater  – one of the best models on the market.

It’s a mouthful, we know. What is a condensing hybrid tankless water heater and why is it the best one out there?

Eternal Condensing Hybrid Tankless Water Heater

In short, it is a hybrid unit that self-cleans to maintain long-lasting efficiency without any effort or additional spending on your end.

This differs from traditional tankless water heaters because with those systems the coil often corrodes over time, losing their flow capacity and ultimately failing. The Eternal’s Counter Flow design, however, solves this problem by sending cold water through the pipes from the bottom up. How does this help? It counteracts sediment build up which can lead to system failure.

In the end, the Eternal Condensing Hybrid will outlast your traditional tankless system and will provide you water more consistently and reliably.

How It Works

Understanding all these systems can do might help to fully grasp their efficiency:

  1. The original 3-cycle process will push heat through the water in three separate directions.
  2. The water is sent through 44 radiating pipes.
  3. Eternal’s unique technology slows the exhaust of the heat by reusing energy multiple times.

Benefits of Eternal Tankless Water Heaters

  • You will receive endless hot water, which is no different than a regular tankless. However:
  • You will also never sacrifice your water pressure as the Eternal system keeps it consistent.
  • You will be able to maximize energy transfer with the tripled direction approach.
  • The small heat exchanger is capable of supporting multiple tanks if you have a higher demand for hot water.

In other words, the Eternal Hybrid design eliminates some of the problems you might see with traditional tankless systems, such as clogs or energy dispersal, because they reuse energy.

For more information on Eternal tankless water heating, or to schedule a consultation with the McHale’s team, call our office today!

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