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Electrical Service and Five Essential Electrical Features

Electrical Service and Five Essential Electrical Features

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electrical service and what it means to understand your electrical system's main features

A lot of homeowners don’t realize how much work is required to keep up a house. It’s especially hard when it comes down to finding electrical service. For those first-time homeowners, it can be even more difficult dealing with costly expenses associated with electricity. Not only could you be lost in all of the electrical appliances your home needs, but there an increased chance of an electrical fire if you’re not on top of your system. That is why it is always important to know how your electrical system works. When it comes to electrical service, a lot of homeowners are lost in all the jargon, which why we have developed a list of essential electrical features, that way you understand the process of your system better.

What Does McHale’s Know About Electrical Service?

Here at McHale’s, we’re not just a plumbing and heating company. We also provide exceptional electrical service and know all the essentials. Our electricians and technicians know how to install a fixture or replace it. And with our team of certified and trained professionals, you can count on us to get the job done. Whether you need a maintenance check or new installation, our quick and efficient electrical service is what separates us from the next plumber. McHale’s takes pride in customer satisfaction and we recognize the important of effective electrical service so that your home is safe. That is why we have laid out the essential features of your electrical system so that you can become more knowledgeable of your home.

Ignoring Your Electrical System

When it comes to your electrical system, it’s important to know what adjustments you can make to better your home. Choosing the right electrical service is vital because it can be damaging if you disregard it. You’re decreasing your personal and home safety when you choose to ignore small problems. Minor issues can turn into major ones before you know it. You’re also increasing the cost of your monthly bills when you decide to look past your electrical system. Failing to take advantage of some tips to improve efficiency will only hurt your wallet. It’s always helpful to make smart energy consumption decisions to improve your home.

The Benefits of Knowing Your Electrical System

Taking the time to read up on your electrical system and knowing its components can go a long way. There is a host of benefits when we decide to understand its key features. You’re increasing your home safety since you know which feature does what. And if a small problem arises you’ll know where it’s coming from. This helps you avoid a potential snowball effect of electrical problems. You’re also decreasing your monthly utility bills by knowing your electrical system better. Okay, maybe not directly, but understand it better helps you make sure things are running smoothly and efficiently, which avoids waste. We all want our monthly bills to be as low as possible and you’ll be helping that cause. Lastly, you’ll be able to identify certain habits you and your family make, and which ones are helping or hurting your carbon footprint.

Major Features in Your Electrical System

Now that you understand how important it is to learn and maintain your electrical system, here is a list of the most critical features. Ultimately, these help you realize how important efficient electrical service truly is.

Meter – Your meter is like the brain of your electrical system. This box is typically located on the exterior or accessible place indoor in your home. It shows you in real-time how much energy you’re consuming which helps you make better decisions for the future. Knowing how your meter works and what it is used for allows you to be more prepared when it comes to your utility bills. You’ll know what to expect and what you should be paying. And you will have a better understanding of certain problems and what you can do to increase efficiency in your home.

Main Breaker Panel – The main breaker panel is the heart of your electrical system. You can locate the panel in the basement or closet of your home. It houses a distribution board that divides up electrical power throughout your home. If you suddenly blow a fuse and lose electrical, your breaker panel should be the first thing you look for.

Circuits – Electricians will install circuits when you first receive an electrical service. These circuits funnel through the rest of your electrical system. Each part of your home includes different electrical circuits.

GFCIs – Known as ground fault circuit interrupters, these devices automatically shut off electrical power to a circuit if an electrical current is flowing in the wrong direction. GCFIs protect against electrical shock and fires. They usually require an installation during an electrical service.

AFCIs – Known as Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters, they help detect problems in your electrical system. Their job is to prevent electrical fires at all times. A highly beneficial and convenient product.

Become more aware of your electrical system and call McHale’s today for all electrical service needs!

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