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Electrical Repair in Doylestown, PA

Electrical Repair in Doylestown, PA

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Electrical repair in Doylestown, PA with McHales.

Description of the Problem

In the heart of Doylestown, PA, a homeowner faced a pressing issue – their bathroom ceiling fan had stopped working. Concerned about the electrical aspects of their home, they reached out to McHales for expert assistance. During the initial assessment, it became apparent that more than just a fan repair was needed. The homeowner was uncertain about the age of their electrical panel, raising further concerns about the overall electrical system. McHales promptly responded to this issue and went out to Doylestown, PA to assess the issue in person. 

Job Site Conditions

Upon arriving at the site, our technician conducted a comprehensive inspection of various electrical components in the home. It quickly became evident that several aspects of the electrical system required updates and improvements. When presented with these findings, the homeowner expressed eagerness to proceed with the necessary electrical updates, recognizing the potential benefits in terms of safety and efficiency.

Job Details

To address the electrical issues and optimize the home’s electrical efficiency, McHales proposed a series of essential repairs and upgrades. The client immediately responded positively and gave McHales the green light to make these repairs and adjustments. These included:

  1. Installation of CO2 Combination Smoke Detector: The existing smoke detectors and CO2 detectors were outdated and in need of a replacement. 
  2. Replacement of an Existing Ceiling Exhaust Fan: The aging Panasonic 80 CFM Ceiling Exhaust Fan was replaced with a new, efficient unit. 
  3. Eaton Home Surge Protector Installation: Since a large portion of the house was being affected by power surges, surge protection was installed.
  4. New Exhaust Fan Installation in the Attic: The technicians enhanced ventilation in the home by installing a new exhaust fan in the walk-in attic. 
  5. Installation of Separate Timer Switch: Increasing control and energy efficiency by adding a timer switch for the newly installed exhaust fan.
  6. Replacement of 15-amp GFCI Outlets: The technicians replaced outdated GFCI outlets, especially in areas near sinks and the washing machine.
  7. Installation of Customer-Supplied Bipolar Air Purifier: McHales installed a customer-supplied air purifier. This service included a one-year labor warranty, enhancing indoor air quality and comfort.

Benefits of Electrical Repairs and Upgrades

Making these essential electrical repairs and upgrades offers numerous benefits. Firstly, it enhances safety by ensuring smoke detectors and CO2 detectors are up-to-date and functional. Secondly, the installation of a surge protector safeguards valuable electronics, preventing potential damage from electrical surges. Improved ventilation in the attic contributes to better indoor air quality, while the timer switch enhances energy efficiency. Replacing outdated GFCI outlets reduces the risk of electrical accidents, particularly in wet areas. Finally, the installation of the air purifier promotes a healthier living environment, addressing concerns about air quality.

Electrical Repair in Doylestown, PA

This electrical repair and upgrade project in Doylestown, PA, exemplifies McHales’ commitment to enhancing the safety, efficiency, and comfort of homes. Whether you face electrical issues or seek improvements, McHales is your trusted partner in making your home a safer and more efficient place to live. Contact us today for electrical repair in Doylestown, PA, and the surrounding areas.

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By Brenna Thirkell

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