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Electrical Panel Replacement in New Hope, PA

Electrical Panel Replacement in New Hope, PA

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Electrical Panel Replacement in New Hope, PA.

Description of the Problem 

In the picturesque town of New Hope, PA, a homeowner faced an electrifying challenge—frequent breaker trips. Frustration led to a call to McHales, seeking a solution to this recurring issue. Our experts immediately sprung into action. For more information on electrical panel replacement in New Hope, PA, or other electrical repair services in surrounding areas, contact us today!

Job Site Conditions

The breaker’s relentless tripping raised concerns. It was a clear sign that something was amiss in the electrical setup. Our team dove deep into diagnostics, aiming to uncover the root cause behind this disruptive problem. The loss of one leg supplying half the house added complexity to the situation.

Why Does The Breaker Keep Tripping

Upon a thorough evaluation of the main panel, our experts pinpointed the problem—one leg in the 100 amp sub panel located in the garage. Breakers relying on this problematic leg were identified and isolated. The customer was actively using this subpanel for charging electric vehicles at a high draw of 48 amps, which exceeded the 50 amp breaker capacity. We advised the homeowner to reduce the charging amperage to 30 amps to alleviate the strain on the electrical system.

Moreover, we highlighted the need for a long-term solution—an upgrade from the current 200-amp system to a 400-amp setup. While the customer couldn’t commit to the upgrade immediately, plans were set in motion to reduce the draw on the existing system and tackle the upgrade next year.

Job Details

To rectify the issue, a comprehensive plan was devised. We commenced by removing the existing 100 amp service line from the main panel to the subpanel in the garage. This involved replacing the 100 amp breaker and main panel, as well as the 100 amp breaker in the subpanel. The critical step was running a new 100 amp SER (Service Entrance Rated) line from the main panel to the subpanel in the garage.

On September 18th, we executed the plan by installing the new 100 amp service line. This step resolved the immediate issue by replacing the necessary breakers for this service. However, it was evident that both panels, main and subpanel, had aged and displayed signs of failure in multiple breakers. Consequently, we provided the homeowner with a quote to replace the subpanel in the garage, aligning with their long-term plans to address the main panel next year.

Electrical Panel Replacement in New Hope, PA

This electrical panel replacement project in New Hope showcases how McHales delivers efficient solutions to complex electrical challenges. Our commitment to safety, diagnostics, and customer education ensures that homeowners can enjoy a reliable electrical system. If you’re facing similar issues or planning electrical upgrades, McHales is your trusted partner in making your home electrically sound and secure. Contact us today to learn more about our electrical panel replacement in New Hope, PA, and other electrical repair services we offer!

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By Brenna Thirkell

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