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The Benefits of Ductless Systems

The Benefits of Ductless Systems

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ductless systems and the benefits that you receive with installation.

Ductless systems are extremely effective in saving money and increasing the efficiency of your home. Our HVAC technician explains that these compact and energy-efficient systems have a design that also attributes to flexible installation. Ductless systems can either cool or heat a single room or zone without the use of regular air ducts. For homes not using duct work or homes where there isn’t room for duct work, ductless is the answer. That is why we at McHale’s have our HVAC technician to explain the benefits of ductless.

What Does McHale’s Know About Ductless Systems?

There are so many benefits associated with ductless systems, it only makes sense for us to tell you about them. We know how hard it can be to keep that utility bill low, which is why ductless systems can be so helpful. Our HVAC technicians are fully capable of installing these units for you. And with so much expertise throughout our company, you can trust us knowing that the job will be done right. High-quality service is what we pride ourselves on, and with experienced technicians who know how to properly install, repair, and maintain heating and cooling systems, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you made the right decision in calling us.

How Do Ductless Systems Work?

There are two components that make up a ductless system. These two components are an outdoor condenser unit and an indoor handling unit. What you see inside your home is the indoor handling unit, which is mounted high up on the wall. The outdoor condenser is located outside the home, which is connected to the indoor unit. They are connected by thin copper refrigerant tubing, as well as electrical lines that run through your home. These units work in a constant cycle. They work by using refrigerant cooling to transfer heat from indoors to outdoor and takes heat inside your home and converts it to cool air. The cool air then comes back into the home through the air handling unit. Most ductless systems are reversible, which means they can provide either heating or cooling depending on the day.

What Types of Ductless Units are Available?

There are many configurations for ductless mini-splits. For heating capabilities, mini-splits can be reversed into a heat pump. You can choose to either heat a single room or zone within your household. Multi-units can heat or cool different areas of your home. Flexibility is the middle name for ductless systems. They come in all shapes and sizes. Ceiling cassettes are very helpful in situations where space seems limited. Fan coils are also great to put up near the ceiling, where they can generate air through its exposed grill. Wall units are extremely efficient as well. They allow temperature adjustments which give you complete control over your home.

Additional Rooms

Since ductless systems are so flexible, they make a great system for homeowners who decide to add more rooms. Since wall units give you temperature control, you can adjust the settings. That way, certain rooms either receive more heat or cooling than others. Usually, a typical home’s existing cooling or heating system will not be so comprehensive when other rooms are added. However, ductless systems can be easily installed for performance. This creates an advantage for everyday homeowners, making your home a comfortable environment for you and your family.

The Benefits of Ductless

The one major benefit you get with ductless mini-splits is the unneeded duct work. When you decide to remove duct work from your home and stick with ductless, you’ll immediately see a difference with your utility bill. The efficiency of your home increases, since no duct work means you only lose less than 5% of cooling and heating. With regular duct work, you’ll likely lose up to 40% on heating and cooling, based on traditional central cooling and heating systems. Some ductless models are considered to have the highest efficiency rating, compared to any other type of air conditioning or heating system. And once the warm weather winds down and we start seeing cold weather again, there is no need to remove your system. You can use your ductless system for heating too, utilizing its versatility especially with the Pennsylvania weather that we see on a daily basis.

Ductless systems can make such a difference for your home and your wallet – call McHale’s today!

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