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5 Types of Drain Problems in Levittown, PA You May Encounter This Spring

5 Types of Drain Problems in Levittown, PA You May Encounter This Spring

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Now that spring has arrived, it’s time to take care of any drain problems in Levittown, PA. After a long, tedious winter, your drains may be filled with all sorts of junk that needs to be cleaned out before it causes clogging and soon impacts your home’s entire plumbing system. Drains in your sink, toilet, and shower are all at risk for clogging. Besides, when you’re trying to make fun springtime plans, the last you thing you want is to deal with your drains!

But what exactly can go wrong with your drains? Well, the team at McHales is happy to help you! We want you to be prepared for any drain problems in Levittown, PA you may face this season so you know to make the call to receive our drain cleaning services. Springtime should be bright and fun, and we’ll make it so you will never have to worry about drain problems during the spring and beyond!

What Drain Problems in Levittown, PA Can You Expect?

If you experience any of the 5 following problems, please call McHales as soon as possible to have your drains cleaned:

  1. Clogged Kitchen Sinks: Your kitchen sink may be clogged with soap and grease that can harden and make passage through your drains practically impossible. While a plunger can solve simple clogs, something like grease buildup may require professional attention, including drain snaking service.
  2. Clogged Washer and Floor Drains: Soap and debris are the main sources of clogging for washer and floor drains. While methods like drain snaking can take care of the problem, it may also require camera inspection to determine what exactly is causing the clog.
  3. Clogged Toilets: Of all the potential drain problems in Levittown, PA to face this season, clogged toilets need to be fixed immediately or else it can result in some incredibly unsanitary consequences that may take more than a plunger to fix.
  4. Tree Root Intrusion: Camera inspection is also needed if you suspect your drain problems may be due to tree root intrusions blocking passage in your drains. Water jetting service can be performed in this case to blast away tree roots with high-pressured water.
  5. Deteriorating Pipes: Your drain problems may not necessarily be due to any clogging, but rather due to deteriorating piping that is preventing regular passage through your drains. Extensive work may need to be done to ensure your pipes are good as new and ready to withstand anything.

Contact McHales today if you are experiencing any of these 5 drain problems in Levittown, PA and we will be glad to provide you high-quality drain cleaning service!

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