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Springtime Drain Cleaning Tips

Springtime Drain Cleaning Tips

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Drain Cleaning Tips

As we approach springtime and the snow continues to melt, it is important that you focus on drain cleaning. If you want to maintain your home’s health throughout the year, then take advantage of the opportunity of doing some springtime cleaning. Home plumbing is an important aspect that so many people forget to take care, until it’s too late. Drainage backups and leaking faucets are just a couple things no one likes to deal with when it comes to their home. Spring cleaning is for your home is just as important as drain cleaning. Being proactive about your plumbing system and maintaining care for your drains will go a long way in making sure the health of your home is in great care. Your home may have quality materials and built with a quality plumbing system design. So, to keep its quality in check, here are a few drain cleaning tips for the spring season.

Why Go to McHales for Drain Cleaning Tips?

McHales Plumbing takes pride in bringing you great customer service. Spring cleaning for your home is always important, that is why our services offer repairs and installations so that you can stay on top of your plumbing system. It’s never easy to keep track of all your home’s appliances, which is why we are always available to keep you at ease. With our experienced and well-trained technicians and contractors, we are readily available to handle any situation. Prolong the life of your home plumbing system with expert care from McHales and use this tips on drain cleaning so you can enjoy the spring season.

Clear the Drains

The three biggest contributors to a clogged drain are food, hair, and washed-off material. Not only is drain cleaning necessary when you come across this situation, but every drain should be checked often. You want to make sure that water goes down quickly and does not rise back up with extended flow. A simple tool to solve this is to purchase a drain ripper for your drain cleaning needs. This inexpensive tool uses a long plastic strip with a handle that is inserted in the drain and saws up any soft debris similar to hair. The water will flow better and you’ll prevent an eventual plug up.

Buy and Place Strainers

Drainage pipes obviously work best when wasted water goes down it. So, when it comes down to drain cleaning, purchase a strainer for all drains. They are cheap and effective in preventing blockage material from entering the pipe. Strainers are great for sinks that used often, like your kitchen or laundry cleaning sink. These units see most of the material that gets washed down the pipe, so use this drain cleaning tip to prevent further maintenance.

Break Down Minerals

For those of you struggling with hard water, mineral deposits will build up quickly. It will plug up fine mesh faucet heads like your shower head. No one wants to deal with that, so stay proactive and use this drain cleaning tip in which you soak a bag of vinegar and tie it around the faucet or shower head. This is a great and natural way to break down deposits and increase water flow.

Check Your Toilet

When it comes to your toilet, the water in it doesn’t just float around in the bowl, it’s also in the tank above it as well. Toilet ceramic can crack over time and the seals of the pipes can age as well. So, to avoid future damages such as small leaks that could potentially grow over time, pour food dye in the water tank. If the bowl changes color without flushing it or you find dye stains an hour or so later, then you’ll know that there is a leak on one of the seals.

Sump Pump Check

Another drain cleaning tip to practice for those of you with a basement. Test your sump pump regularly with a few buckets of water. The sump pump should immediately respond and pump out of the drainage. If not, then ask a plumber to check the pump. Simple as that.

Don’t Forget Outside

These drain cleaning tips are great for the inside of your home but don’t forget about the appliances outside of your home or in your yard. Look for broken landscape plumbing and drainage from rain spouts or AC plugs. If you find problems with these accessories early on, then the cost for a repair is low.

Stay prepared when springtime rolls around and take care of your drain cleaning – call McHales Plumbing today!

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