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Drain Cleaning in Yardley: 3 Common Mistakes Made by Homeowners

Drain Cleaning in Yardley: 3 Common Mistakes Made by Homeowners

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When it comes to drain cleaning, sometimes homeowners like to roll up their sleeves and do the dirty work themselves.  After all, if a clog is so minor, you don’t need extensive work done by a professional service to remove it. However, while it’s certainly fine to do the work by yourself, DIY drain cleaning lacks the precision and expertise often seen in work from a professional service. A lack of drain cleaning acumen leaves room for plenty of mistakes, which can see homeowners actually create some long-term damage for their drains instead.

If you’re a DIY type of homeowner, then you’ll understand better than anyone that you need to seek advice on drain cleaning in Yardley from a professional service. Luckily, McHales is that service, as our team of certified, experienced plumbers are always ready to give advice for homeowners always looking to do their own drain cleaning. Our main goal is to see our customers have clean, working drains that maintains quality performance in their home’s plumbing system. We’ve seen homeowners make mistakes time and time again, and we have an invested interest in helping you avoid them!

What Mistakes Do Homeowners Make?

In our years of service, we’ve seen homeowners make mistake after mistake when it comes to cleaning their own drains. Of course, our team of plumbers is always here to help, but if you are planning DIY drain cleaning, then please avoid these common fumbles:

  1. Use of Commercial Solutions: While it’s easy to be fooled by a flashy television commercial featuring the best big drain cleaning solution, don’t fall into the trap. While commercial drain cleaning solutions can provide relief during emergency situations, it’s best not to rely too heavily on them as they may cause even more damage to your drains, meaning you’ll spend more money in getting them fixed.
  2. Renting Equipment: Drain snakes and water jets are incredibly effective in removing clogs, but they must be handled by a fully trained professional. One mistake we see customers make often is renting their own drain cleaning equipment, even if they aren’t trained to handle it. This can be quite dangerous, as it may lead to anything from drain damage to physical injury.
  3. Undoing Pipes: While this immediately seems like something you absolutely should not do under any circumstance, it’s never stopped some homeowners from undoing their pipes and making things even worse for their plumbing. Even if you are experienced in dealing with pipes, undoing pipes can only make matters even worse.

If drain cleaning in Yardley seems too extensive, then it’s time to call McHales for excellent professional service now!

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