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Drain Cleaning in Levittown: 4 Common Causes for Clogs

Drain Cleaning in Levittown: 4 Common Causes for Clogs

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Drain clogs will certainly put a damper on all of your holiday time fun, so call for drain cleaning in Levittown to keep your spirits high! There are plenty of consequences that will come your way if you don’t seek professional assistance right away to treat a clog, including higher utility bills and inconsistent plumbing fixture performance. Wait long enough and you’ll spend more worrying about drain clogs than gift shopping this year!

At McHale’s, our drain cleaning in Levittown will keep clogs from ruining your holidays. Our team of plumbers will work quickly to remove whatever is hindering the performance of your drains with innovative cleaning methods. But do you really know what’s making you pick up the phone and calling for our exceptional drain cleaning service? Our plumbers are ready to tell you about the most common causes of drain clogs!

Why Are You Calling for Drain Cleaning in Levittown?

Drain cleaning in Levittown from McHale’s is fast and easy, but it’s important to know what is exactly causing all of your drain cleaning problems so you can pick up the phone and send a call our way as soon as possible. Here are 4 of the common clog causers:

  1. Cooking Grease: Cooking grease can often slip down drains and while you would think grease would actually create an easier, slicker drain pathway, grease actually hardens and slows down passage through pipes significantly. For any food waste that uses a significant amount of grease, it’s better to store the grease in a plastic bag before throwing it in the garbage.
  2. Physical Objects: Physical objects may find themselves lodged in your drains sooner than you realize. If you have a naturally curious small child in your home, then their favorite toy may find itself clogged in there! These items should be discarded in the garbage, but all too often do we come across customers who try to flush them down the drain! This can also lead to toilets overflowing, which can lead to some unsanitary consequences in your home.
  3. Undissolved Food Items: Foods like whole fruits and vegetables, potato skins, and rice should not go down your drains. While your garbage disposal, if you do own one, can chop up smaller food items, anything bigger can create huge problems for your drains and lead to major clogging.
  4. Dish Soap Buildup: The somewhat thick consistency of dish soap can prove harmful to your drains and buildup until you experience a clog. Dish soap passes through your drains too slowly and while it can clean your dishes, it’s best to keep it away from your drains. Also, if you’re using drain chemicals to clean drains, do not rely on them too heavily as they can damage your drains in the long-run.

Contact McHale’s today for drain cleaning in Levittown, especially if you’re looking to stop clogs once and for all!

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