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Boiler Replacement in Doylestown

Boiler Replacement in Doylestown

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The majority of homes in Doylestown, Pennsylvania run on boilers. Fortunately enough, McHale’s has been doing extensive work replacement and repair work on boilers for nearly as long as we’ve been a company. Needless to say, at McHale’s, we know boilers and we know them well.

Because we have accumulated quite a bit of knowledge about boiler services since 1950, in this blog post, we will share with you how you can personally tell if your boiler is on its way out and needs to be replaced.

Boiler Replacement Signs in Doylestown

  • Strong gas or oil smells: Any strong odors that are coming from your boiler should be addressed immediately by a professional. When gas or oil is released into the air, it can be extremely hazardous to your health, as well as a sign of a leak as a result of inefficient energy usage and additional issues. If you are dealing with strong gas or oil smells, McHale’s recommends that you have this issue taken care of right away.
  • Extreme or inaccurate temperatures: If you are a homeowner, your water should be hot when you need it to be. Constant extreme hot or cold water temperatures are not a good sign, either. In the event that your water is fluctuating between being warm or cold randomly, you could have a damaged boiler on your hands.
  • Leaking water: If pools of water begin developing in unwanted places, then this is something to be concerned about. No matter how small or big it is, leaks will more than likely lead to your utility bills increasing. Leaks mean that your boiler needs more oil or gas energy (i.e. more of your money) to achieve its heating goals.
  • Hissing sounds: In the event that you hear hissing sounds coming from your boiler, this could be a sign of uneven water distribution that could lead to overheating down the line. Not to mention, if your boiler is hissing, the sound can quickly become very annoying to you and your family.
  • Age: Although seemingly obvious, boilers should be regularly maintained and adjusted for efficiency to ensure proper water heater. This is especially the case if your boiler is up there in age.

For all of your boiling replacement needs, look no further than McHale’s!

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