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Boiler Repair and Replacement

As a homeowner, you are responsible for so many things that sometimes certain ones fall through the cracks. While we don’t want to overload you by adding another bullet to your to-do list, we are here to remind you that having your boiler serviced, repaired, and/or replaced is one of those tasks you don’t want to forget about.

If the boiler you have in your home is currently working fine, you might be wondering if you’d even need these services we’re offering here at McHales – your local Newtown and Bucks County experts. Well, you do, and here’s why:

  • Safety: Boilers are normally very safe appliances, but if older units don’t receive a fresh supply of combustion air, it could pose a health hazard. In addition, they also run the risk of exploding if not maintained properly.
  • Efficiency: Replacing your older boiler with a newer one will give you up to 35% more efficiency.
  • Reliability: Like anything else, as boilers age they become less and less reliable. They may stop working more frequently or need repairs often. By getting a new one, you won’t have to keep dishing out money on repair costs, and you’d have the peace of mind that your boiler system works anytime you need it.


Boiler Services

When you call McHale’s for a regular maintenance visit, here’s some of what you can expect:

  • We will check to ensure that there aren’t any unsafe emissions being let off.
  • We will check the pressure of the boiler.
  • We will inspect the boiler controls to make sure everything is working properly.
  • We will visually inspect the boiler for leaks and corrosion.
  • We will test the functionality of every part to ensure that when we leave your home, you are left with a working boiler.


Benefits of a Boiler Replacement

If you are having an internal battle about whether or not you should have your current boiler replaced, let us help you.

  • Money savings: As you already read, getting a new boiler not only increases efficiency (which lowers cost), but it also saves you from paying frequent repair costs.
  • Reliable operation: No more worrying about whether the unit will turn on, or stay on, and provide your family with the heat they desire.
  • Comfortable household temperatures: You will always have consistent temperatures throughout your home.
  • Quiet operation: Newer units are designed to operate more quietly than the one you probably have in your home now.


Whether you need your annual boiler maintenance, repair, or replacement, we hope you will choose us. Call McHale’s today!

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